Key Skill: Animal Anatomy and Physiology Collection – access to new platform

Access to the new Key Skill: Animal Anatomy and Physiology Collection interface has been enabled in eSearch. Enrolment for the online course requires first that students register and second that they enter an ‘Enrolment key’. This key is held on the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site. Details of how to register and enrol have been added to eSearch and the Other Passwords pages.

Bridgeman Education – new interface

The Bridgeman Education art database has launched a new interface, complete with a range of new features. Access remains direct on-campus and by university username and password (using eZproxy) from off-campus. Bridgeman plan to have full Shibboleth based authentication for off-campus access enabled soon; at which point LLR will migrate to this option in preference.

FAME – new interface

The FAME service have launched a new interface, which is currently being run in parallel with the previous interface to allow sites to schedule their transition from the old platform to the new. An additional FAME record has been added to eSearch entitled ‘FAME (new interface)’ which resolves customers directly to the new site. Access to this additional FAME service is direct on-campus, but not currently available from off-campus.

New resource trial: Osiris

Trial access to the new Osiris database service has been enabled in eSearch. For the period of the trial (which lasts until 22 September) access is direct on-campus, but not available from off-campus. The resource is described as follows:

Financial information on 64,000 listed and major unlisted/delisted companies worldwide (50,000 are non-US companies). The information includes: standardised and “as reported” financials (including restated reports), SEC filings, detailed earnings estimates including recommendations, ownership, stock data, news and ratings

Feedback on any aspect of the trial should be shared with Charles Knight.

LLR web site ‘Catalogue quick search’ widget updated

The library catalogue search widget on the homepage of the LLR web site has recently been updated to reinstate a link to the ‘My Library Card’ functionality in ALEPH. This offers a ‘deep-link’ to the login screen which provides a customer with direct access to their online library account, including the ability to renew items on loan. Further refinements to the presentation of this widget are under consideration, so its appearance may alter slightly in the coming weeks.

LLR web site updated catalogue widget

New resource: WGSN (World Global Style Network)

Access to the new service has been enabled in eSearch. Access is by a resource-specific username and password, held on the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site. The resource is described as follows: is an online news and information service for the international fashion, apparel, and interiors industries. It is updated every day, covers all aspects of the fashion and apparel trade, and provides trend prediction services 18 months in advance of the current season, plus information about visual merchandising, graphics, trade shows, and materials.