LexisNexis Business and News rebranded as ‘Nexis UK’

LexisNexis has rebranded the new ‘LexisNexis Business and News’ service as Nexis UK, with immediate effect.

The resource has been retitled in eSearch as ‘Nexis UK’. The access URL to the service has also been updated.

Database title searches for ‘LexisNexis Business and News’ in eSearch will now return ‘Nexis UK’.

All of the previous Sub-Category assignments for ‘LexisNexis Business and News’ have been transfered to Nexis UK.

eSearch – slow initial access for some off-campus customers

Work in underway to identify the cause of the delay which some off-campus customers are experiencing when accessing the eSearch home page. Once the initial page has loaded (and the customer has picked up the status of ‘Guest’) all subsequent page requests work normally. While we work towards a resolution of this issue, the initial advice for customers reporting such a problem is to allow further time for their browser to load the eSearch home page, and then to use the service as normal. We will update when we have identified the necessary changes to remove this problem. Access on-campus is unaffected.