ejournal and eBook records to be added to ‘live’ ALEPH this week

During the course of this week, changes will be made to ‘live’ ALEPH to enable ejournal and eBooks to be made discoverable through the OPAC. There may be some very short interruptions in the OPAC service (lasting only a few seconds) while these changes are enacted. Initially, changes to the look of the OPAC record display (identical to those trialled in ‘test’ ALEPH) will be replicated in ‘live’ ALEPH, and eBook and ejournal records will then be loaded and indexed.

All SFX delivered ejournals and eBrary eBook records should be available through the ‘live’ OPAC by the end of the week, with records for Taylor & Francis, Knovel and other eBook providers available shortly after. Updates will be provided as the process progresses.

New resource trial: KnowUK

Trial access to the KnowUK service has been set up in eSearch in eResource trials > Active trials. Access is direct on-campus (with no off-campus access available during the trial). Trial access is available until 25 July 2007. All feedback on the trial should be sent to Terry Hanstock. The resource is described as follows:

UK-specific reference information from over 100 of the most widely used reference publications in the UK. Includes a wide range of guides, directories, registers, yearbooks and other sources across a diverse range of subject areas.

Trials ended: Xreferplus and Routledge Reference Resources – Politics and International Relations

Trial access to Xreferplus and Routledge Reference Resources – Politics and International Relations has now concluded, so these titles have been withdrawn from eSearch. Any remaining feedback on these resources should be sent to Sharon Potter (Xreferplus) and Adele Miller (Routledge Reference). Trial access to the International Who’s Who service concludes on 8 June.

HeinOnline: new interface launched

The legal database HeinOnline launched a new interface at the end of May, to support a range of presentational, navigational and functional enhancements. Information for users of the service about the changes can be found here – including a 9min Flash presentation (which includes audio narration). On-campus access URLs to the service have been revised in LLR’s resource discovery environment to match changes on the site. Off-campus access URLs, and SFX links remain unaffected.