LS:N Global currently unavailable

LS:N homepage with Login text

The LS:N global platform, which is paid for by the School of Art & Design, and available through the library’s Find Databases platform, is currently unavailable both on and off campus.

Attempts to access content will prompt for a membership login.

The School of Art and Design contact is working with LS:N to try and resolve this issue.





Ubidictionary – scheduled maintenance – 28 November 2019

On Thursday 28 November between 1pm and 4pm, the Ubidictionary service will be suspended to carry out a technical update of the platforms’ infrastructure.

During this time the following e-book titles will be unavailable:

IT Lo Zingarelli 2019

IT-EN/EN-IT  Il Ragazzini 2019

IT L’Enciclopedia Zanichelli

Ubidictionary landing page showing three titles



Access links updated for the Lawtel service

THE ON-CAMPUS AND off-campus access links to the Lawtel platform have been updated in the Find Databases service, ahead of the hosting changes that Thomson Reuters are implementing tomorrow (Saturday 9 November 2019).

The Lawtel service from Thomson Reuters

On-campus access remains direct; with off-campus access requiring a university username and password.

Those accessing the service from off-campus for the first time will have to complete a brief one-off registration process (see illustration below).

The Lawtel one-time registration form