WildPro – access details updated

The access URL for the free-to-use WildPro service has been updated in Library OneSearch. The new URL is immediately available in the Find Databases service and will be reflected in the main search record for WildPro shortly. Access to the service remains unrestricted on-campus and off-campus.

The resource is described as follows:

Information on captive and free-ranging wild animals from the Wildlife Information Network. Modules contain data on individual species, chemicals & physical factors which cause environmental and/or health issues, diseases, best practice guidelines and habitat information. Includes a number of full-text books.

GMID: off-campus access currently unavailable

Off-campus access to the GMID (Global Market Information Database) service is currently unavailable, due to technical problems affecting the GMID platform. On-campus access is unaffected. A number of university library services (relying on university username and password access to GMID for off-campus access) are reporting similar problems. A note alerting customers to the issue has been added to the GMID record in the ‘Find Databases’ section of Library OneSearch. A further update will follow once the GMID technical team has confirmed that Shibboleth-enabled access is working normally once more.

New resource: JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

Access to JoVE (the Journal of Visualized Experiments) has been enabled in Library OneSearch. Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. The resource is described as follows:

JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, is the world’s first peer reviewed scientific video journal devoted to publishing scientific research in a visual format. All JoVE articles are indexed in subject-relevant indexing sites, including PubMed/MEDLINE, SciFinder and Scopus.

Publishing in JoVE allows authors to dynamically present their methods, data analyses and results clearly, accurately, and professionally with the guidance of JoVE’s professional videographers and editors.

Libraries and Learning Resources has a subscription to the following journal sections:

* JoVE Immunology and Infection
* JoVE Bioengineering
* JoVE Applied Physics
* JoVE Environment

Access to the four subscribed video journal titles has also been enabled in SFX.

Video content on the JoVE platform is delivered in both HTML5 and Adobe Flash compatible formats (and the site auto-recognises and delivers the correct format for the requesting browser). All version of Flash greater than v10 are currently (November 2014) supported.

Video content that is *outside* the LLR subscription range comes with a 20-second ‘taster’ preview. Each video screen clearly indicates whether the requested video is inside or outside of LLR’s subscription range.