Datamonitor (360) – Business Insights and Verdict Research

The Business Insights and Verdict Research services now provided through the new integrated Datamonitor 360 platform. Access details in eSearch for both services have been updated accordingly. Access is direct on-campus, but on-campus access to both services is currently unavailable, while alternative authentication options for off-campus customers are investigated.

Lexis Library – RefWorks direct export

The ability to export references directly to RefWorks has been enabled in Lexis Library. To export references in this way, choose the required references and select the Export Bibliographic References option on the right-hand side of a results screen (see illustration below)


In the pop-up window which launches click on the Export option (see illustration below).

Following service calls from LLR (and other libraries) the Lexis technical team are investigating refinements to the way that reference fields are mapped between Lexis Library and RefWorks. An update on the reference mapping rules is expected shortly.

New resource: Berg Fashion Library – access until end July 2011

Access to the Berg Fashion Library has been enabled in eSearch. Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password off-campus. The resource is described as follows:

The Berg Fashion Library provides cross-searchable access to a range of Berg collections – including the Berg Encyclopaedia of World Dress and Fashion online, and selected e-books, reference works, images, and additional resources. The collection includes a purpose-built classification system for the study of dress.

In the first instance, access to the Berg Fashion Library will be provided until the end of July 2011.

Land of Lost content – email address format; service response times

Land of Lost content is one of a relatively small number of resources which record an email address as the username for the student or staff member registering to use the service (and which checks that the email address is from a subscribing institution). The format of NTU student emails has changed from [N-number] to [Firstname.LastnameYearofEntry] LoLC is now configured to accept the new format email address for new registrations. Students who have already registered with LoLC have two options. Either to continue using their ‘old format’ email (and self-selected password) when logging in to LoLC; or to re-register as a new user using their new format email (and new self-selected password). Re-registering as a new user will mean losing access to any saved items created under the previous account.

The LoLC technical team is investigating LLR’s service report of slow response times on the service. A further update on this issue will follow once LoLC have diagnosed the cause of the problem.

FORS (Forensic Science Service) – new platform

The Forensic Science Service has changed delivery platforms, moving away from its previous web client application to a new OCLC hosted web service. Access information in eSearch has been updated accordingly. At present, off-campus access to the newly hosted FORS service is unavailable, awaiting a response from the FORS technical team on the authentication solutions that the new environment supports.

RefWorks v2 interface choice

A small change has been made by RefWorks to the ability of an individual customer to switch between the current v1 RefWorks interface and the new (beta) v2 interface. As previously documented in the eServices Support wiki guide, an individual staff member or student could choose to switch between the two interfaces, but would always be resolved back to the v1 interface at the start of their next RefWorks session. Now, RefWorks remembers the customers last interface preference. In other words, if you select the v2 interface and logout, the next time that you login you will be returned to the v2 interface. While individual customers can continue to experiment and familiarise themselves with the v2 interface, LLR will not be migrating all NTU RefWorks accounts to the v2 interface until this summer.