Land of Lost content – email address format; service response times

Land of Lost content is one of a relatively small number of resources which record an email address as the username for the student or staff member registering to use the service (and which checks that the email address is from a subscribing institution). The format of NTU student emails has changed from [N-number] to [Firstname.LastnameYearofEntry] LoLC is now configured to accept the new format email address for new registrations. Students who have already registered with LoLC have two options. Either to continue using their ‘old format’ email (and self-selected password) when logging in to LoLC; or to re-register as a new user using their new format email (and new self-selected password). Re-registering as a new user will mean losing access to any saved items created under the previous account.

The LoLC technical team is investigating LLR’s service report of slow response times on the service. A further update on this issue will follow once LoLC have diagnosed the cause of the problem.

New Resource: Land of Lost Content

Access to the image database Land of Lost Content has now been set up in eSearch. The resource has been added to all ‘Art and Design’ Sub-Categories.

The resource is described as follows:

The Land of Lost Content is the world’s largest online archive of 19th and 20th century popular culture. Intended as a source of inspiration for designers, when complete it will hold more than five million images, most of which are copyright free and can be downloaded or viewed online.

With more collections being added every week, Land of Lost Content aims to grow into an indispensable resource, documenting British cultural history.

Access to LOLC requires that NTU staff and student register for an individual account, which is linked to a ‘Group Registration Passphrase’ that must first be retrieved from the ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site. An LOLC Registration and Access Guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the procedure.

A new educational interface for Land of Lost Content will be made available shortly. All registrations for the existing interface will be transfered to the new interface once it has been launched.