Verdict Research – new platform

Access to the Verdict Research reports has been migrated to the Business Insights platform and links and guidance notes in eSearch have been updated accordingly. Access is direct on-campus and off-campus access is via NTU domain, username and password. NTU has access to a restricted number of reports in the Verdict Research collection (each indicated by the green ‘open book’ icon) although it is hoped that it will soon be possible to extend the number of reports available.

British Standards Online – access problems

Following the migration of the British Standards Online service to a new domain and platform, Athens authenticated access to the service has ceased to operate for the majority of educational customers of the service. BSI hope to have a resolution for this problem by Tuesday-Wednesday of this week.

In the meantime, BSI have provided LLR with a temporary username and password which will allow staff and students to continue to access the service on the old platform.

To use these temporary credentials:

  1. Contact eServices for the temporary username and password
  2. Access British Standards Online via eSearch as normal
  3. From the list of links in the ‘Navigate’ section on the left-hand side of the BSI home page, select Login
  4. Enter the username
  5. Enter the password

Once Athens authentication is working normally, links in eSearch will be updated to direct customers to the new platform.