New resource:

Access to the online learning platform has been enabled in the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch. Access to the streaming video content and other materials on the site is by university username and password. An additional one-time registration process (comprising a staff member’s or student’s name and their university email address) is required. The resource is described as follows: is an online learning platform offering almost six thousand video-based courses covering subjects including: leadership and management, professional development, marketing, finance and accounting, project management, business software, digital literacy, educational and instructional design, writing, IT infrastructure, information management, data science, web development, software development, user experience (UX), web design, game design and development, CAD, graphic design, photography, 3D and animation, art and illustration, audio and music, motion graphic and VFX, and video. Courses are organised into a series of video segments, and come with full transcripts, supporting documentation and downloadable files. Once registered you can follow courses, create playlists, complete assignments, earn certificates and track your personal progress. Content can be accessed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and apps are available for Android, IoS and Windows.

In addition, records describing the individual courses on have also been made available in Library OneSearch. Examples include:

Note: A number of the records in Library OneSearch currently show an ‘Image’ rather than an ‘Audio-Visual’ icon, and are incorrectly indexed with this item type. This is due to an inconsistency in the source record set, and will be corrected in LOS shortly.

Design courses on

Signing in to

The Find Databases entry and course records for in Library OneSearch all provide customised deep-links that will automatically route the request through the university’s Single Sign-on service. However, staff members and students accessing outside of Library OneSearch will need to follow one of two different routes to the Single Sign-on page, detailed below:

If you visit the platform directly, after you select the Sign In link (see illustration below), the site will attempt to identify your home institution. Sign In link

If is able to discern that your home institution is Nottingham Trent University, the prompt screen shown below will display. Select Continue to be forwarded to the university’s Single Sign-on page.

The 'Continue' sign-in screen on

If is not able to identify your home institution, it will offer a range of sign in options (see the illustration below). If this screen displays, choose the Sign in with your organization portal option. - sign in options

The next screen will ask you to Enter your organization’s URL to log in through their portal (see illustration below). On this screen enter and select Continue to be forwarded to the university’s Single Sign-on page. - organisational affiliation identifier

Knowledge Unlatched: new open access eBook titles

More than 100 additional titles from the Knowledge Unlatched open access eBook initiative are now discoverable through Library OneSearch. As was the case with the original set of titles added to LOS back in May 2016, these new titles are made openly available online through a collaborative funding partnership of which Libraries and Learning Resources is a member.

New titles in the Knowledge Unlatched collection include:

	 Hitchcock's Appetites : The Corpulent Plots of Desire and Dread

Kanopy – new video content discoverable in Library OneSearch

More than 1600 new titles from the Kanopy streaming video service are now discoverable in Library OneSearch, following a recent upload of new materials. Access to streaming content on the Kanopy platform is by university username and password. New content ranges across a wide array of subject matter, and includes titles such as:

Kanopy - streaming video

Science Direct off-campus access issues

The technical team at Elsevier are currently investigating some issues with Science Direct and off-campus access log in errors.

The Sign in option to the top right of the screen will return a user back to the Science Direct home page rather than the content they were trying to access.

Until they resolve this issue, use the Sign in option at the bottom of the summary page of the content you are trying to access. Using this route will avoid the current authentication redirect problem.

Science Direct - sign-in issue - August 2017