JSTOR – full text access problems continuing

The JSTOR technical team has identified the cause of the ongoing problem that which is continuing to cause some full-text requests to journal articles on the JSTOR platform to fail.

The team hope to have a resolution for the problem in place shortly, but at present, the issue is continuing to cause intermittent problems.

Title level requests continue to work normally. An A-Z list of current ejournal titles available through LLR’s subscription to JSTOR collections is available:


New eBook collection: APA PsycNET

A total of 157 eBook titles from the American Psychological Association (APA) PsychNET collection is now available in Library OneSearch. Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Examples eBooks from the collection include: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for refractory cases; Young children with ADHD: Early identification and intervention; and Perceived organizational support: fostering enthusiastic and productive employees

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Palgrave Political & International Studies eBook collection 2012

A total of 183 eBook titles from the ‘Palgrave Political & International Studies collection 2012’ are now available in Library OneSearch.

LLR has been working extensively with Palgrave to generate title-level deep-links for the eBook records in the collection which will work for both on-campus and off-campus requests; and a working solution is now in place. (The format of these links may change in future, but the records themselves will persist with their current LMS identifiers). Access to all titles is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Example entries the new collection include American military intervention in unconventional war; Understanding collective political violence; The future of entrepreneurship in Latin America; and Authoritarian party structures and democratic political setting in Turkey.

As well as providing online and downloadable .pdf formats for all titles, selected eBooks from Palgrave Connect are available for download/upload to a range of eBook readers in the EPUB format. Palgrave Connect employs “permissive DRM, enabling users in subscribing institutions to download ebook content without any physical restrictions”. For more information, see the Palgrave Connect FAQs on DRM and the EPUB format.

eBrary Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) titles – request option inactive

LLR is working with eBrary to reinstate full-text access to not-yet-purchased titles in the current eBrary PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) collection in Library OneSearch.

At present, titles which have not yet been purchased are only available in ‘Preview’ mode (see illustration below of the prompt which currently appears in the user interface for affected titles)

A further update will follow once PDA activation on the eBrary platform has been reactivated.

BUFVC and Mintel – login problems resolved

Problems affecting the off-campus login to the Mintel service, and on-campus and off-campus login to the British Universities Film & Video Council’s (BUFVC) online service yesterday have been resolved.

Customers logging in with their university username and password were being resolved to an error page. Login requests to both services are again being processed normally.

ProQuest platform – off-campus access currently unavailable

LLR is working with the ProQuest Support team to resolve an issue which is preventing off-campus access (via university username and password) to databases on the ProQuest platform. (On-campus access is working normally.) At present, off-campus login requests complete, but loop back to the login page without authenticating the requester.

The affected databases are:

  • Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA)‎ (1987 – current)
  • ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM)‎ (1974 – current)
  • Australian Education Index (AEI)
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals‎ (1934 – current)
  • Australian Education Index (AEI)
  • British Humanities Index (BHI)‎ (1962 – current)
  • British Periodicals‎ (1681 – 1937)
  • Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)‎ (1973 – current)
  • ERIC‎ (1966 – current)
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)‎ (1951 – current)
  • PILOTS: Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress‎ (1871 – current)
  • Social Services Abstracts‎ (1979 – current)
  • Sociological Abstracts‎ (1952 – current)
  • The Vogue Archive‎

A further update will follow once the issue has been successfully resolved.