Withdrawn resource: Zetoc

Zetoc logo

THE LISTING FOR the Zetoc abstract, indexing and table of contents service, has been withdrawn from the library’s Find Databases list following JISC’s retirement of the platform.

Zetoc was amongst the first online databases that the library enabled access to shortly after its launch in September 2000. Zetoc was also one of the first integrations to be bundled into the library’s then-new SFX OpenURL resolver service in 2004.

New resource: Mark Allen Heathcare ejournal collection

FORTY ONE FULL-TEXT JOURNAL titles published by Mark Allen Healthcare are now available through the SFX (Find it @ NTU) service.

Access to all titles is by university username and password.

The available titles include:

  • British journal of cardiac nursing
  • British journal of child health
  • British journal of healthcare assistants
  • British journal of midwifery
  • British journal of therapy & rehabilitation
  • British journal of community nursing
  • Gastrointestinal nursing
  • Journal of aesthetic nursing
  • Journal of prescribing practice

All these titles can be accessed via SFX requests and through the eJournal A-Z service, and will be discoverable through Library OneSearch shortly.

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EBSCOhost – linking issues affecting SFX

EBSCO have just launched some unannounced changes to the way that EBSCOhost processes link requests from SFX (and other OpenURL resolvers) which are resulting in error messages and failed connections for some full-text requests on the EBSCOhost platform.

Ex Libris are in active discussions with EBSCO and, once the changes have been documented and understood, Ex Libris will design, package and release fixes for the EBSCOhost linking logic for SFX. The library will then need to deploy the updated parsers to SFX to resolve the problem.

A further update will follow once as this process is completed, but, until the fixes are in place, a larger proportion of EBSCOhost link requests from SFX than normal will result in errors. For the majority of full-text content on the EBSCOhost platform it is possible to copy and share an authentication-aware ‘permalink’ which will provide a persistent deep-link to full-text outcomes.

Cambridge University Press – 300 additional ejournal titles

Access to an additional 300 current, full-text ejournal titles from Cambridge University Press has been enabled in Library OneSearch. Access to these titles is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

These titles will be discoverable through the SFX ejournal A-Z and through Library OneSearch searches shortly.

Cambridge University Press - additional full-text ejournal titles

New resource: Wiley Online Library (Social Sciences and Humanities Collection)

Access to the new Wiley Online Library (Social Sciences and Humanities Collection) has been enabled in SFX. Access to almost 600 full-text titles in the collection is available direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. All of these titles will be discoverable through Library OneSearch searches and in the SFX A-Z list shortly.

Wiley Online Library (Social Sciences & Humanities Collection)

Elsevier Science Direct (Freedom Collection) in SFX

Following an extensive audit of the SFX Knowledge Base by the Serials team, the different publisher entries for the many hundreds of Elsevier full-text journal titles (such as those under Elsevier Science Direct (Academic Press) and Elsevier Science Direct (Excerpta Medica)) have been re-profiled and regrouped under the heading ‘Elsevier Science Direct (Freedom Collection)’ – see example below.

Elsevier Science Direct (Freedom Collection)

Automated routing through an authentication check has been enabled for all titles in this collection (which means that off-campus users will be passed through ‘university username and password’ authentication before being resolved to the full-text journal listing).

SFX listings for journals in the Elsevier backfiles collections and for the Elsevier Economics Handbooks are unaffected by these changes.

Nature.com – off-campus access enabled

Following the deployment of some additional configuration changes by the nature.com technical team, off-campus access to subscribed content on the nature.com platform is now available off-campus – by university username and password. (On-campus access remains direct). Information in SFX has been updated accordingly. To access full-text content off-campus:

  • Select the ‘Login’ option in the top right-hand corner of the Nature.com screen
  • On the login page which then loads, select the ‘Login via your institution’ option
  • On the new page which then loads, search for ‘Nottingham Trent’ in the ‘Search for an institution’ option
  • Select ‘Nottingham Trent University’ from the result list. The browser will then resolve to the ‘NTU Single Sign-on’ page

LLR’s subscriptions currently cover full-text access to the following nature.com titles:

Nature (most recent four years)

  • Nature
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature medicine
  • Nature biotechnology
  • Nature neuroscience
  • Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology
  • Nature Immunology

Nature (backfiles 2007-2012)

  • Nature
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature Immunology

There is currently an ‘entitlement overlap’ for three titles between the ‘most recent four years’ subscription and the ‘2007-2012’ backfile. In addition nature.com offers free access to a selected range of current and archival journal content. Where possible, this free-to-access journal content is listed separately in SFX.

Springer journals – off-campus access enabled

Access to subscribed full-text journals on the Springer platform is now available off-campus – using a university username and password. (On-campus access remains direct). Information about off-campus access to Springer titles has been updated in SFX accordingly.

To access Springer journal content from off-campus:

  • Select the ‘Sign up/ Log-in’ option in the top right hand corner of the Springer home page
  • Select the ‘Institutional / Athens login’ option in the drop-down
  • On the login page which then loads, in the  ‘Find your institution (via Shibboleth)’ search box, type ‘Nottingham Trent’
  • Select the matching entry for Nottingham Trent University in the result list click on the ‘Log in via Shibboleth’ button. The browser will resolve to the ‘NTU Single Sign-on’ page


Literature Online (LION) – SFX connection issues resolved

An issue preventing both journal-level and article-level links in the Literature Online (LION) service from resolving correctly from SFX has now been fixed, and SFX links to LION are now working normally.

Later in November the LION service will be migrating to a new discovery platform, and further changes in access arrangements for the service in both Library OneSearch and SFX are anticipated.

Periodicals Archive Online: individuals journal records now activated

Records for each of the individual titles in the Periodicals Archive Online service, which was activated as a database earlier in the summer, have now been added to SFX and harvested into the journals index of Library OneSearch. In SFX, this collection is referenced as ‘Chadwyck Periodicals Archive Online (JISC)’.

Access to the resource (as both a database and a full-text journal service) remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Solicitors’ Journal: new access arrangements

Access to the Solicitors’ Journal is now direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. Details of the previous access arrangements (requiring a username and password) have been removed from the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the library web site. Access information for the journal has also been updated in SFX.

Posted in SFX

New resource: Periodicals Archive Online (Proquest)

Access to the Periodicals Archive Online collection (on the Proquest platform) has been enabled in Library OneSearch. Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. The PAO can be cross-searched alongside any of the other databases on the Proquest platform, and records from the PAO can be added to a individual researcher’s RefWorks account without leaving the Proquest interface. The resource is described as follows:

Periodicals Archive Online contains the full-text of over 700 journals spanning the humanities and social sciences, across 37 key subject areas. Coverage is from volume 1 issue 1 of each journal and all issues are digitized from cover to cover. Whilst the majority of titles are peer-reviewed academic journals, a number of other selected publications are included that were not originally scholarly in nature but offer relevant research material. The archive is international in scope with the inclusion of more than 150 foreign-language titles.

Title-level access to all of the individual journals in the PAO will be enabled in SFX and Library OneSearch once Proquest and Ex Libris have made the datasets available in the SFX Knowledge Base.