Loss of ALEPH services on Sunday 29th November

We experienced a total loss of ALEPH services for most of yesterday, Sunday 29th November, affecting ALEPH client, Web OPAC and Self Service. This occurred when the directory space allocated for system backups filled up, causing ALEPH to stop working.

Normal service was resumed around 8:00pm yesterday evening.

IS have put measures in place to prevent this from happening again.

Web of Knowledge – access problems resolved

Access problems affecting the WoK service reported earlier this week appear to have been resolved. Work by technical staff on the Thomson Reuters team did not identify any specific remote cause for the problem but are continuing to monitor the situation. Please contact Lib eServices if you encounter a recurrence of access difficulties.

New entry for MyiLibrary in eSearch

eBook titles available on the MyiLibrary platform are accessible from the library catalogue, where deep-links to individual titles are provided. A new platform level entry for MyiLibrary has now been added to eSearch. When customers access the MyiLibrary platform via this eSearch route, they will be resolved to the home page of the MyiLibrary service from where they can access the search and other facilities provided by MyiLibrary.

Now resolved – campus wide user authentication problems

IS have now fixed the user authentication problems that were affecting services campus wide. So all services that use Shibboleth or ADS authentication, such as NOW, ‘My Library Card’ in Web OPAC, eSearch and RefWorks, are working again.

However, if you do discover any further problems, then please let eServices know.

Major problems with user authentication campus wide

We are experiencing major problems with University username and password authentication. This is affecting access to all services that use Shibboleth or ADS authentication, such as NOW, ‘My Library Card’ in Web OPAC, eSearch and RefWorks. IS are currently investigating the problem.

In the meantime, these services are unavailable.

A further update will follow once there is more news to report from IS.

ICE Virtual Library Archive: off-campus access restored

Off-campus access to the ejournal content in the ICE Virtual Library Archive has now been restored following a recent interruption in service. Access on-campus remains direct; with off-campus access by university username and password. It has proved possible to re-establish off-campus access to this content following a series of upgrades on the ICE platform. Because the ICE Virtual Library is not yet Shibboleth compliant, off-campus access is made available via eZprozy. ICE expect to be able to support Shibboleth based authentication in the near future, when LLR will migrate to full Shibboleth authentication for the service.

The ejournal content provided through the ICE Virtual Library Archive is as follows:

* Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers (1836-1842)
* Life of Telford (1838)
* Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers (1837-1935)
* ICE Engineering Division Papers (1942-1951)
* Journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers (1935-1951)
* Proceedings of the ICE Parts 1 and 2 (1952-1991)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Civil Engineering (1992-2001)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Municipal Engineer (1992-2001)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Structures & Buildings (1992-2001)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Transport (1992-2001)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Water Maritime & Energy (1992-1999)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Geotechnical Engineering (1994-2001)
* Proceedings of the ICE – Water and Maritime Engineering (2000-2001)

In addition to this archival access, LLR has current subscriptions to a number of ICE journal titles. An audit of LLR’s electronic holdings entitlements for these titles is currently underway.