SFX Inter-Library Loan requests now through Library Catalogue

Inter-Library Loan requests sent from the SFX (Find it @ NTU) service (see illustration below) are now submitted through the My Library Card section of the Library Catalogue.

When a customer clicks on this service in the SFX menu, they will be resolved to the Log in to My Library Card page of the Library Catalogue (unless they already have an active catalogue session running). Once their login has been accepted, the customer can select the My Library Card and then the Inter-Library Loans options to complete their request using the online form.

At present, SFX does not auto-populate the online form with the bibliographic data (as was the case previously with the ILLOS service). A refinement to SFX being released by Ex Libris in February is expected to reinstate this functionality.

eBrary – changes to collection content from February 2010

Libraries and Learning Resources’ subscription to the Academic Complete collection of eBooks on the eBrary platform concludes at the end of January.

Rather than subscribing to this package of 30K+ titles (not all of which were well used by staff and students) the Academic Liaison Team has identified a sub-set of several hundred key titles from within the collection which LLR wishes to offer continuing access to.

Access to these titles, from 1 Feburary 2010, have now been arranged with eBrary through a new Custom Collection put together for LLR. Titles in the eBrary Custom collection are grouped into three types:

* Multi-user access – perpetual: LLR has bought these titles outright, in perpetuity. There is no limit to the number of customers who may access these titles at any one time.

* Single-user access – perpetual: LLR has bought these titles outright, in perpetuity. Only one customer may access these titles at any one time.

* Multi-user access – rental: LLR has subscribed to these titles. There is no limit to the number of customers who may access these titles at any one time. Continuing access to these titles is dependent on LLR maintaining a subscription.

New records have been added to ALEPH for all of the eBrary Custom Collection titles. Before the end of the next week (when LLR’s subscription to the eBrary Academic Complete collection expires) all of the eBrary Academic Complete catalogue records will be removed from ALEPH. Until then, duplicate catalogue records will appear for those eBrary titles which are in both the Academic Complete and Custom collections.

When reviewing an individual eBrary catalogue record within the OPAC, LLR staff can identify the type of eBrary eBook they are looking at, as follows:

In the Full View of Record, click on the MARC tags option (see illustration below):

In the 900 field of the MARC record, a description of the eBrary collection to which the title belongs is provided:

All eBrary catalogue records containing the description ‘This eBook is part of the eBrary Academic Complete subscription‘ will be withdrawn (see illustration below):

All eBrary catalogue records containing one of the three descriptions below will be retained:

If you’ve any questions about the changes to eBrary content, please contact Acquisitions Manager Paul Tomlinson. If you’ve any technical questions about the transition to the new collection, please contact Lib eServices.

A further update will be provided next week when all of the eBrary Academic Complete collection records have been withdrawn from ALEPH.

ALEPH now available once again

All ALEPH services are now available once again, following the full recovery of the service.

Please attempt to connect as normal (to the ALEPH client, Self-Service and the Library Catalogue as required) and confirm that all services are working normally.

If you encounter any problems with connecting to ALEPH, please contact eServices with the details.

ALEPH: temporarily unavailable this morning

A restart of all ALEPH services first thing this morning, requested by IS yesterday, is taking far longer to complete that was anticipated. The restart should have taken between 10-15mins and began at just after 7am this morning, but new process on version 20 of ALEPH are taking long to run through than has been seen previously.

Currently all connections to ALEPH (including all client connections, self-service and the OPAC) are unavailable.

We are working very closely with IS to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and will update as soon as access to ALEPH has been restored.

Loss of ALEPH services on Sunday 29th November

We experienced a total loss of ALEPH services for most of yesterday, Sunday 29th November, affecting ALEPH client, Web OPAC and Self Service. This occurred when the directory space allocated for system backups filled up, causing ALEPH to stop working.

Normal service was resumed around 8:00pm yesterday evening.

IS have put measures in place to prevent this from happening again.

Shibboleth – Digimap – re-registration required

From 31 July, access to the Digimap service will be by University username and password (Shibboleth) only and no longer available via Athens username and password. All existing Digimap registrations will lapse on 31 July, and customers of the service will be required to re-register. (This is a requirement that EDINA has introduced for all its Digimap customer sites).

During the re-registration process, there is an opportunity to associate the new registration with a previously active one. New registrations will, of course, also be accepted.

Links in eSearch to the Digimap service now point to the Shibboleth login screen, so (re)-registrations can be actioned now, ahead of the 31 July switchover. A guide to the revised registration process is available in the LLR Shibboleth wiki. The existing guide to Digimap registration on the main LLR web site will need to be slightly revised to take into account changes in the registration process.

Problems with ALEPH server

ALEPH server Portia is experiencing a significant number of application and operating system errors. In an effort to resolve this IS need to restart the server, with immediate effect. This means that all ALEPH applications, including self service and Web OPAC will be out of action whilst the restart is taking place. Hopefully this will take about 30 minutes to complete.

A further notice will be sent out when ALEPH server is back in service again,

Problem with remote search services on ALEPH

A technical problem with a ‘look-up’ service on the ALEPH server started to cause problems with SFX requests at around 15:45 this afternoon.

ALEPH stopped responding to ‘look-up’ requests from SFX, based on ISSN and ISBN. The result was first a delay and then a time-out of the SFX service.

To enable the immediate recovery of the SFX service, requests to ALEPH from SFX have been temporarily disabled. A message has been added to the SFX menu indicating that ‘SFX is currently unable to check the library catalogue for this item’ (see screengrab below). This has been done for both the existing and new installations of SFX.

SFX - 30 January 2008

Searches of the Library Catalogue from RefWorks are also affected.

However searches carried out within the Library Catalogue, or via eSearch are working normally.

An update will be provided once a resolution for this technical problem is in place and remote search services restored.

ALEPH – problem with remote searches resolved

eServices is investigating the cause of problem which shut down the z3950 server on ALEPH just after 4.30pm yesterday afternoon.

A consequence of the shutdown was that from that time SFX was unable to check the Library Catalogue for holdings information – so SFX menus were reporting that no ISSNs or ISBNs were being matched against print catalogue records. Another consequence of the closure was that searches of the library catalogue from RefWorks were unavailable. (eSearch searches of the catalogue were unaffected.)

The server has now been restarted and both SFX and RefWorks services have been confirmed as connecting to ALEPH successfully.

eServices is now in discussion with both IS and Ex Libris to isolate the cause of this issue.