Problem with remote search services on ALEPH

A technical problem with a ‘look-up’ service on the ALEPH server started to cause problems with SFX requests at around 15:45 this afternoon.

ALEPH stopped responding to ‘look-up’ requests from SFX, based on ISSN and ISBN. The result was first a delay and then a time-out of the SFX service.

To enable the immediate recovery of the SFX service, requests to ALEPH from SFX have been temporarily disabled. A message has been added to the SFX menu indicating that ‘SFX is currently unable to check the library catalogue for this item’ (see screengrab below). This has been done for both the existing and new installations of SFX.

SFX - 30 January 2008

Searches of the Library Catalogue from RefWorks are also affected.

However searches carried out within the Library Catalogue, or via eSearch are working normally.

An update will be provided once a resolution for this technical problem is in place and remote search services restored.