IRep: new search option refinements

New search option refinements are now live in IRep, in both Simple and Advanced search.

In Simple search, a new ‘Search in fields’ option offers the choice of the following search restrictions:

  • Descriptors only (the entire of the metadata fields available, excluding the full-text index)
  • Full-text only (only the full-text; not the metadata fields)
  • Descriptors and full-text (all metadata fields; and all full-text)
New IRep search options - drop-down
New IRep search options – drop-down
New IRep search options
New IRep search options

In Advanced search, these new field options are offered alongside the previously available field options (Creator, Date, Title, Type and School).

Now resolved – campus wide user authentication problems

IS have now fixed the user authentication problems that were affecting services campus wide. So all services that use Shibboleth or ADS authentication, such as NOW, ‘My Library Card’ in Web OPAC, eSearch and RefWorks, are working again.

However, if you do discover any further problems, then please let eServices know.

Major problems with user authentication campus wide

We are experiencing major problems with University username and password authentication. This is affecting access to all services that use Shibboleth or ADS authentication, such as NOW, ‘My Library Card’ in Web OPAC, eSearch and RefWorks. IS are currently investigating the problem.

In the meantime, these services are unavailable.

A further update will follow once there is more news to report from IS.

Problems with university web gateway – 23 October 2009

Performance problems affecting the university’s web gateway during the afternoon of 23 October 2009 (reported by IS as now resolved) did affect on-campus access to LLR electronic resources.

Problems were first identified with remote and metasearching in eSearch (when searches were either timing out unresolved or producing an error), but other issues were soon apparent as external web connections more generally were affected. Access to electronic resources within the university network (such at the Library Catalogue, IRep and and LLR web site) were not affected by the problem.

If you continue to experience any technical problems with connecting to external web services, please contact the eServices team with details of the issue.

IRep – scheduled service interruption Monday 18 May 2009

The IRep will be briefly unavailable, to enable the deployment of a service pack upgrade, on Monday 18 May 2009. Throughout the remainder of the day, records and full-text objects in the IRep may be temporarily unavailable while a large scale reload and reindexing of the data held in the Research and Scholarly Collection takes place. A notice, advising customers of the expected interruption in service, has been added to the IRep home page

IRep – remote and metasearching enabled in eSearch

Remote and metasearching of the IRep (the NTU Institutional Repository) has now been enabled in eSearch. As with the NTU Library Catalogue, there is no need to login to eSearch to carry out remote searches of the IRep. The Full View of IRep record in eSearch provides links both to the record within the IRep and direct to the object (such as the image, pdf, PowerPoint file) where such objects are available. Where IRep records include ‘thumbnail’ images, these are returned and displayed within eSearch.