New resource: UK PubMed Central

UK PubMed Central has been added as a separate resource in eSearch (alongside the existing listing for PubMed). Access is unrestricted, on-campus and off-campus. The resource is described as follows:

Based on PubMed Central (PMC), the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature, UK PubMed Central provides a stable, permanent, and free-to-access online digital archive of full-text, peer-reviewed research publications.

HeinOnline – new collections activated in SFX

Five new collections of Hein Online ejournal and eBook content have been activated in SFX. These materials have been previously accessible through the HeinOnline interface, but not discoverable as individual items through SFX.

  • Hein Online English Reports (13 titles)
  • Hein Online European Center for Minority Issues (5 titles)
  • Hein Online Federal Register Library (9 titles)
  • Hein Online Legal Classics (1,235 titles)
  • HeinOnline Treaties and Agreements Library (32 titles)

Free to access ejournal and eBook titles activated in SFX

A range of new free ejournal and eBook content has been activated in SFX. These collections are either Open Access materiial; or are subscription materials for which embargoed archival access is free. The list and count of titles, and a sample SFX link are provided below. (Catalogue records for the ejournal content will be added to the Library Catalogue in December).

  • TerraPub (27 eBook titles – example – A Better Integrated Management of Disaster Risks [4-88704-140-3] )
  • Symposium (6 ejournal titles – example – e-Learning [1741-8887] )
  • Sabinet (44 ejournal titles – example – PHARMACY MANAGEMENT – [1015-1362] )
  • Landes Bioscience Open Access journals (12 ejournal titles – example – Human Vaccines [1554-8600] )
  • Geosciences E-Journals (43 ejournal titles – example – Irish journal of earth sciences [0790-1763] )
  • Austlii Journal (42 ejournals titles – example – The economic and labour relations review [1035-3046]
  • agZines (123 ejournal titles – example – Carrot Country [1071-6653] )
Posted in SFX

eSearch MetaSearch deep-links update

Following feedback about the way that ‘deep-links’ from the eSearch home page to MetaSearch Categories were resolving; the underlying linking syntax has been revised to ensure that the ‘ALL’ Sub-Category of the selected Category will be selected and displayed at the end of the eSearch login process. (In some cases, the Category/Sub-Category display was not resolving correctly after login.)

Web of Knowledge – service problems

The Web of Knowledge service is experiencing technical problems which are leading to failed connections and page ‘time outs’. Engineers are working to fix the problem, but customers are likely to be experience difficulties accessing the following services:

  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index
  • ISI Proceedings
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • Science Citation Index
  • Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Web of Knowledge
  • Web of Science

For those WoK services that are so enabled, it is still currently possible to carry out successful remote and metasearch requests in eSearch, and to send the resulting data to SFX – but connections to the WoK native interface are still likely to fail.

A further update will be provided when it has been confirmed that the service is operating normally once again.

Athens authentication – now working normally

Eduserv’s engineers were able to fix the problems affecting Athens authentication overnight, so it is now possible to login to LLR resources which require an Athens username and password.

The service alert has been removed from eSearch.

If you continue to encounter any problems, please contact eServices with: the details of the resource concerned; and copies of any error messages which appear on screen.

Athens authentication to electronic resources – continuing service problems

Problems with Athens authentication are continuing into this evening. The problem is affecting all universities and colleges which make use of the Athens service. Most customers may continue to be unable to login to Athens authenticated resources, and will see error message like the examples below. The problem may be continuous or intermittent.

Eduserv report that their technicians “are investigating this problem as a matter of urgency and working to restore service as soon as possible.”

It is very possible that Eduserv will be able to correct the problem in the next few hours, however the general guidance for customers who continue to experience problems using their Athens credentials during this evening is:

“LLR apologies for the temporary loss of access to electronic resources which require an Athens username and password for access. The organisation which manages Athens authentication for British universities is working to correct the technnical problems which are hampering the service and hope to have a solution in place shortly.

Electronic resources that can be accessed directly on-campus, or which require a university username and password for access continue to be accessible.”

An note has been added to the eSearch home page alerting customers to the issue.

Further updates will follow tomorrow.

Athens authentication to electronic resources – service problems

Eduserv are reporting technical problems with one of the servers used to manage Athens authentication to electronic resources. As a result, for many (if not all) staff and students it is currently not possible to login to resources which require an Athens username and password.

Various error messages may be reported by customers, such as:

“Authentication failed.
ATHENS Check token failed – code was 15”

“Authentication failed due to a system error. Please close the browser and try again.”

“You are not entitled to access this resource. Contact your Athens administrator.”

They are all cause by this same service difficulty.

We will update as soon as we have received confirmation from Eduserv that normal service has been restored.

In the meantime, if you’ve any specific queries, please contact eServices.

New resource: NewsFilm Online

Access to the NewsFilm Online service has been enabled in eSearch. Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password (using Shibboleth) from off-campus. The resource is described as follows:

NewsFilm Online comprises a selection of news stories and programme scripts from the ITN/Reuters archives, with some 3,000 hours of footage and around 60,000 stories. The archive is searchable by keywords, and can also be browsed by broad subject categories or decade, going back to the 1920s.

Video content may be streamed (or downloaded) in Windows Media Player or QuickTime formats.

The ‘My Favourites’ facility allows you to set up and organise folders to store video and other NewsFilm records.

The following Terms of Use guidance has also been added:

Under the terms of the license, NTU staff and students may “include parts of the Licensed Work in printed or electronic form in assignments and portfolios, theses and in dissertations” provided that “each item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and copyright owner.”

A guide to Shibboleth authentication to the NewsFilm Online service has been added to the eServices support materials wiki.

New resource: OSH-UPDATE

Access to the OSH-UPDATE service has been set-up in eSearch. Access is direct on-campus, and by university username and password from off-campus (using the Shibbolized eZproxy service). The resource is described as follows:

OSH-UPDATE offers more than 500,000 records in the fields of occupational health, safety, hygiene, road safety, water safety and environment trends, drawn from a range of authoritative database sources including the UK legislation database; the UK Health and Safety Executive HSELINE; and the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), and a number of other European and worldwide sources.

OSH-UPDATE provides full bibliographic citation and abstracts for all journal articles, conference reports and other materials in its index; and offers links to selected full-text services where these are available.

As only a single simultaneous user is permitted under the terms of LLR’s licence, the following note has also been added:

Please note: under the terms of LLR’s subscription to OSH-UPDATE only one person may access the resource at a time. To free up the service for the next visitor, always remember to Logoff at the end of your session. If you see the following error message, “You have reached your licences limit on the number of concurrent sessions”, please try again later.

For LLR, OSH-UPDATE serves as a replacement for the OSH-ROM service which will shortly cease to be available from Silverplatter-OVID. A further update will confirm when OSH-ROM has been withdrawn from eSearch.

Athens authentication ‘network failure’ error message: Response from Eduserv

The problem reported at the end of last week, whereby some users experienced error messages “temporary network failure” followed by “No return URL specified” when trying to access Athens Authenticated eResources, has been investigated by Eduserv but unfortunately they are unable to replicate the problem and have not received reports from any other site. As a result we’ve agreed to close the call and accept that this may have been a temporary network glitch. However, if you do experience a further reoccurrence, then please report it to eServices, along with details of the Athens ID you were using, the eResource being accessed plus date and time. That way Eduserv can carry out a detailed analysis of their connection logs.