Nexis UK and SFX

The SFX Knowledge Base has been updated to ensure that all newspapers and electronic journals that were previously individually listed on the Lexis Nexis Executive platform now redirect to Nexis UK. As all of the European Lexis platforms are still not yet OpenURL compliant, all of the title links only resolve the customer to the ‘homepage’ of the platform.

Westlaw and SFX

SFX links to UK Legal Journals provided through Westlaw have not yet been migrated to the new Westlaw platform but currently continue to point at the previous online version of the resource. Westlaw have yet to release the new deep-linking syntax required to support journal level linking on the new platform but have indicated that this should be available in the next few weeks. As soon as this linking syntax is available, the connections will be updated. (SFX integration with Westlaw is the product of work by the customer community in the UK rather than directly by Ex Libris so there is more scripting and configuration work required of each local site).

Off-campus access to Knovel eBooks via the Library Catalogue

Access to some of the eBooks on the Knovel platform via the Library Catalogue is currently not available to off-campus customers, because of a technical issue with the linking syntax. All of the affected records will be amended as soon as possible. On-campus access to Knovel titles through the library catalogue is unaffected. Access to all subscribed Knovel titles is available off-campus through eSearch and SFX.

There is an interim workaround available for off-campus customers seeking to access Knovel titles through the Library Catalogue. Please contact eServices for details.

An update will be circulated once the Knovel catalogue record fix is in place.

New resource: British Library Archival Sound Recordings

Access to the Archival Sound Recordings collection from the British Library has been enabled in eSearch. Access on-campus and off-campus (within the UK) is by Athens username and password. The resource is described as follows:

The British Library Archival Sound Recordings collection brings together 12,000 selected recordings of music, spoken word, and human and natural environments. These recordings can be played on the site (either using the built-in player or with a preferred alternative device), and downloaded and edited for educational use. Access to the recordings is not available from outside the UK.

A BL guide to relevant sound devices and audio applications can be accessed from the information icon for the resource in eSearch.

New resource: ICE Virtual Library

Access to the full-text ejournal repository ICE Virtual Library has been established in eSearch. Access is direct on-campus; off-campus access by Athens username and password should be available shortly. The resource is described as follows:

The ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) Virtual Library gives access to one of the largest repositories of full-text civil engineering papers in the world, published between 1836 to 2001.

It is planned to make this resource remotely searchable in eSearch and to set up SFX records for each of the titles included in the collection.

Zetoc: rejected remote search requests problem resolved

The MIMAS service has been able to identify and correct the cause of a technical problem which was resulting in remote searches of Zetoc being rejected. The remote search configuration had been temporarily disabled in eSearch while this problem was resolved, but has now been re-enabled.

Emerald: remote search delays

Remote searches of the Emerald platform from eSearch have been intermittently slow over the past week, resulting in some cases in search requests, and requests for full record display, timing out. Investigations are continuing with Emerald to identify the cause. In the meantime, remote searches of Emerald in eSearch may be temporarily disabled if the problem returns.

ENDS Report online – access suspended

Access to the service has been suspended in eSearch, following confirmation of a change in the nature of the electronic access to the service provided as part of LLR’s subscription. Future subscription options are under review, but no institutional electronic access to the service is currently available for NTU staff and students. Registration details have been withdrawn from the ‘Other Passwords’ page on the LLR web site.