Knovel: access restored

Access to LLR’s subscription to Knovel has been re-enabled. Links in eSearch have been restored, and links from the Library Catalogue to eBook content in the Knovel platform are now resolving correctly. Please contact eServices if you continue to experience any further problems.

Knovel eBook content – currently unavailable

Access to the electronic book content on the Knovel platform is currently unavailable. Links to the Knovel platform in eSearch have been temporarily disabled, and a note advising of the interruption in service added to the information icon for the resource. Links to Knovel from records in the Library Catalogue will return an error message. LLR is working with Knovel to re-establish access as soon as possible.

Withdrawn resource:

Access to the service will be withdrawn from eSearch later today, following a decision not to extend LLR’s current subscription to the resource. The entry for the service on the ‘Other Passwords’ page will also be removed. No existing registrations from NTU staff and students will be accepted on the site from 4 February.