Withdrawn resource: Intute web directories

The range of Intute web directories have been withdrawn from the databases collection of Library OneSearch at ALT request. The Intute service has not been actively updated since July 2011, since then the Intute site has been maintained, but no new resources have been added. The web directories withdrawn from LOS are as follows:

  • Intute
  • Intute: Arts and Humanities
  • Intute: Health & Life Sciences
  • Intute: Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Intute: Social Sciences
  • Intute: Social Sciences, Statistics and Data

IHS databases: access problems resolved

Temporary access arrangements for the IHS databases OHSIS [Occupational Health and Safety Informmation Service], Lacors and CIS [Construction Information Service], introduced following technical problems on the IHS platform, have now been withdrawn.

With the technical issues now resolved, access is once again direct on-campus and by university username and password off-campus. Access details in Library OneSearch have been updated accordingly.

The temporary access details posted on the ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site will be removed shortly.

IHS databases: temporary access details added to ‘Other Passwords’ page of LLR web site

Technical problems affecting IP-recognition on the IHS platform first reported earlier this week are continuing.

As as result the temporary access URL details provided to LLR by IHS have now been published on the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site and the information in Library OneSearch updated accordingly.

LexisLibrary and Nexis: maintenance downtime Saturday 16 March 2013

Scheduled maintenance work on the Lexis and Nexis platforms on Saturday 16 March 2013 will result in intermittent access and/or service interruption for most of the day. The company has published different ‘at risk’ periods in different communications, the longest of which is 04:00 to 17:00 GMT.

For LLR customers, the affected services are:

  • LexisLibrary
  • LexisPSL
  • Nexis UK

ESpacenet: details updated

The name and of the service previously listed in Library OneSearch as ‘esp@cenet’ has been updated to reflect its current name: ESpacenet. The resource, openly accessible on-campus and off-campus:

offers the general public free access to worldwide patent information via the internet. It has the following main aims: to offer basic patent information to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, students etc; to increase awareness and use of patent information at the national and European levels; to support innovation, reduce wastage in the innovation cycle; and to supplement existing channels for the dissemination of patent information

The access URL for this service has also been updated.

Withdrawn resource: FORS (Forensic Science Service)

The entry for FORS (the Forensic Science Service) has been withdrawn from the list of databases available in Library OneSearch.

Since the withdrawal of funding from FORS it has no longer been accessible, and it has been listed in LOS as a withdrawn resource (alerting staff and students to the fact it was no longer available). FORS has now been withdrawn completely from LOS, and is no longer listed.

IHS databases: access temporarily unavailable

Access to the IHS databases OHSIS [Occupational Health and Safety Informmation Service], Lacors and CIS [Construction Information Service] is currently unavailable in Library OneSearch, following a technical failure on the IHS platform.

Access is normally direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus, but access requests for both routes currently resolve to the error message: ‘Unable to validate your IP address’

IHS’s technicians are working to resolve the problem, and in the meantime have provided a temporary access URL for Notttingham Trent University, details of which are available on request. (As this specially formatted URL grants access to anyone clicking on it, LLR cannot publish details on the openly accessible LLR site or in Library OneSearch.)

A further update will follow once it has been confirmed that this issue has been resolved.

New resource: Ethical Fashion Forum (Source)

Access to the Ethical Fashion Forum (Source) database has been enabled in Library OneSearch. Authentication on-campus and off-campus is by a resource-specific username and password (available on the secure Other Passwords page of the LLR web site). The resource is described as follows:

The Ethical Fashion Foundation (EFF) is the industry body for sustainable fashion. The Ethical Fashion Forum provides access to SOURCE: The Global Platform for Sustainable Fashion, which consists of three databases: The SOURCE Database, which lists businesses involved in sustainable fashion; SOURCE Intelligence, which provides information and market updates via a magazine; and The SOURCE Expo, a trade show on international ethical sourcing.

The School of Art and Design has subscribed to Ethical Fashion Forum as a College Fellow (rather than the subscription being paid directly from LLR’s resource budget). The initial subscription period runs until 29 October 2013.