New resource: Ethical Fashion Forum (Source)

Access to the Ethical Fashion Forum (Source) database has been enabled in Library OneSearch. Authentication on-campus and off-campus is by a resource-specific username and password (available on the secure Other Passwords page of the LLR web site). The resource is described as follows:

The Ethical Fashion Foundation (EFF) is the industry body for sustainable fashion. The Ethical Fashion Forum provides access to SOURCE: The Global Platform for Sustainable Fashion, which consists of three databases: The SOURCE Database, which lists businesses involved in sustainable fashion; SOURCE Intelligence, which provides information and market updates via a magazine; and The SOURCE Expo, a trade show on international ethical sourcing.

The School of Art and Design has subscribed to Ethical Fashion Forum as a College Fellow (rather than the subscription being paid directly from LLR’s resource budget). The initial subscription period runs until 29 October 2013.