Academia Portal: Athens authentication issue

The eServices team is working with NBS to resolve an issue which is currently affecting the Athens login to the Academia Portal service. Access to the service may be unavailable for the remainder of the afternoon (Monday 2 March), but should be restored by opening of business tomorrow (Tuesday 3 March). eServices will confirm when access has been fully restored.

Academia Portal Surveyors’ Channel

We’d received reports that some users were experiencing problems trying to launch videos on the Surveyors’ Channel (accessed via Academia Portal), in particular getting error message “Sorry, that section of the video is not available to 7-Day Trial users”. After checking with in2itive, the service providers, it appeared that some users had been incorrectly assigned a status of ‘Trial User’ which had caused the access restriction. In2itive, have now fixed the problem and assigned the status of ‘Full User’ for all existing and for any newly created accounts. For information, authentication is via Athens.

Academia Portal – changes in access and content

The resource previously described in eSearch as ‘Academia Portal – Einstein Network’ service has been updated. The access URL has been revised to resolve to a new interface – although authentication is still by Athens username and password on-campus and off-campus, as before. The resource name has been shortened to ‘Academia Portal’ (although eSearch ‘Find a database’ title searches for ‘Einstein’ will still retrieve the resource).

The Einstein Network has ceased operations, and eServices are in liaison with providers NBS and in2itive to identify which video materials that were previously available to NTU staff and students are no longer being provided. In the meantime, some multimedia content listed as available within the Academia Portal may be inaccessible. A further update will be provided once the new content situation has been clarified.

Academia Portal: Einstein Network

As the result of a service query, the Academia Portal: Einstein Network has confirmed that the streaming video content on the platform is only currently accessible on Windows based PCs (and not on the Apple Mac platform) and through the Internet Explorer browser (version 5.5, or above). Firefox and other browsers and not supported at present.