BoB (Box of Broadcasts) platform migration

BoB - new platform

Following on from the earlier update, the new BoB (Box of Broadcasts) platform launched at the start of the month, and is now offered as part of the Learning Online service (in turn, part of the BUFVC). Elements of the transition are still being worked on during the month of August, so not all features of the updated service will be available until September.

As work on the migration continues, there are several issues to be aware of:

  • Registration: As a returning user, when you log on to the new BoB platform for the first time, you will be asked to ‘register’ (providing your email address, and your name). When you do so, you will not be creating a duplicate account, but rather providing a means to link your previous account details from the legacy BoB platform. By September, your previous account settings will have been migrated to the new platform. New users can, of course, register on the new BoB platform for the first time in the exact same way
  • Playlists and clips: pre-existing clips and playlists will not be imported into the new BoB platform until September. As a result, any clips or playlists you previously created will not be available in your account until then. During the transition period, it will not be possible to create new clips or playlists.
  • Legacy content: During the migration period, much of the previously-recorded content from the legacy BoB platform will be unavailable to stream. Once the migration has completed, this content will be available on the new platform
  • Embedded content: BoB video content that was previously embedded in third-party web platforms (such as within NOW) will not be available until the ‘legacy’ BoB content has been migrated to the new platform
  • Programme identifiers: no association has been retained between the ‘legacy’ BoB programme identifiers and the new BoB platform programme identifiers. As a result it will not be possible to search for a programme in the new BoB platform by using a ‘legacy’ programme identifier
  • Redirects: Once the ‘legacy’ content has been loaded into the new BoB platform, previous direct deep-links (which are currently resolving to error messages), will auto-redirect to the matching imported content (once the requester has been routed through the ‘Where are you from?’ [WAYF] logon process)
  • WAYFLess URLs: Authentication-aware deep-links that were created for the ‘legacy’ BoB platform (which routed the user straight to the NTU Single Sign on page) will no longer work and will need to be created afresh for the new platform

The Information Resources team are in the process of reviewing all Box of Broadcast links included on current Resource Lists, and will (independent of the new to submit a list for library review) update any and all links to BoB content that require attention. Links in Library OneSearch will also be updated.

Pending the release of this functionality in the new BoB platform, the RD&I team have created a Box of Broadcasts WAYLess URL generator (accessible on and off campus) which will allow academics and librarians (from Nottingham Trent University) to create WAYLess URLs for NTU staff and students for the new BoB platform. Copy-and-paste the BoB programme URL into the box and click on the ‘Create WAYFLess URL’ button to create a new and persistent WAYFLess URL.

Get the latest updates on the progress of the BoB upgrade from @OnDemandBoB.