SciFinder Scholar – new web version accessible

The new web-based version of the SciFinder Scholar service is now accessible through eSearch. An individual registration process is required to use SciFinder Scholar online, which includes setting a username and password for future access. All links in eSearch have been updated accordingly – including a link to a guide to the registration process. An additional prompt in eSearch makes clear that: it is essential to (a) click on the link in eSearch to register to use the service; and (b) register an email address.

Westlaw – off-campus access problems

Off-campus access to Westlaw (using a university username and password) is currently unavailable. Westlaw is experiencing technical problems which are affecting both Shibboleth and Athens based authentication for all UK academic sites. Their technicians are aware of the issue and working on a resolution. A further update will be provided once access has been restored.

SciFinder Scholar – interruption and migration of the service

The SciFinder Scholar service – which is currently accessed through a locally installed software client – is currently unavailable. Access to a new web based version of the service (which does not require a software installation) will be enabled in eSearch shortly. Full documentation on how to register to use the service will also be provided.

IRep – scheduled service interruption Monday 18 May 2009

The IRep will be briefly unavailable, to enable the deployment of a service pack upgrade, on Monday 18 May 2009. Throughout the remainder of the day, records and full-text objects in the IRep may be temporarily unavailable while a large scale reload and reindexing of the data held in the Research and Scholarly Collection takes place. A notice, advising customers of the expected interruption in service, has been added to the IRep home page

RefWorks – Harvard LLR output style updated

A revised version of the default RefWorks output style [Harvard LLR (May 2009)] has today been made available to all NTU staff and students. A guide, outlining the changes introduced in the revision and documenting a workaround for the management of page numbers (and other notations) within an in-text citation, has been added to the eServices Support wiki.

Engineering Village – SFX (‘Find it @ NTU’) links

On the Engineering Village platform (through which LLR provides access to the Inspec and Compendex services) a configuration problem had been leading to the display of two SFX (‘Find it @ NTU’) buttons in the Full Record and Abstract view of search results. This problem has now been resolved, and only the single, correctly-configured, SFX button displays (see illustration below).

SFX 'Find it @ NTU' button on the Engineering Village platform

Web of Science – renamed in eSearch as ‘Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings)’

To reflect the reorganisation of content on the Web of Knowledge platform, the ‘Web of Science’ entry has been renamed to ‘Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings)’.

For this platform LLR has entries in eSearch for Web of Knowledge (which is the over-arching service, that includes all the separate components); separate subject-specific listings for the Science Citation Index; Social Sciences Citation Index; Arts & Humanities Citation Index; and Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings); and, finally, a separate entry for Journal Citation Reports.

Emerald – restricting searches to full-text subscription content

Following a number of recent customer queries about access to full-text content on the Emerald platform, it may be helpful to clarify that LLR only subscribes to a proportion of the full-text content available on the Emerald platform rather than the entire of the collection.

Once a customer is logged in (by IP on-campus or by Athens username and password from off-campus), content that is not available in full-text will be indicated by the display of a ‘padlock’ graphic in the results display (see illustration below).

Emerald results lists showing 'padlocked' full-text content

When searching, it is possible to set a search limit in the native Emerald interface so that only results within ‘My subscribed content’ are returned (see illustration below). This means that all of the returned results will be available to a logged in NTU customer in full-text; and any that are not available in full-text will be suppressed.


LexisNexis Butterworths – service changes name to Lexis Library

The LexisNexis Butterworth service has been renamed as ‘Lexis Library’. This rebranding is now visible in the native interface of the service, but to avoid customer confusion at this point in the academic year, it has been agreed not to change the name of the resource in eSearch or SFX until the summer. Until then, eSearch and SFX will continue to refer to ‘LexisNexis Butterworths’.