Emerald – restricting searches to full-text subscription content

Following a number of recent customer queries about access to full-text content on the Emerald platform, it may be helpful to clarify that LLR only subscribes to a proportion of the full-text content available on the Emerald platform rather than the entire of the collection.

Once a customer is logged in (by IP on-campus or by Athens username and password from off-campus), content that is not available in full-text will be indicated by the display of a ‘padlock’ graphic in the results display (see illustration below).

Emerald results lists showing 'padlocked' full-text content

When searching, it is possible to set a search limit in the native Emerald interface so that only results within ‘My subscribed content’ are returned (see illustration below). This means that all of the returned results will be available to a logged in NTU customer in full-text; and any that are not available in full-text will be suppressed.