Croner online services: a further delay

Further to the update of 13 October, detailed liaison is continuing with the technical staff at Croner to establish authenticated access to the new online Croner materials which replaced LLR’s now-withdrawn networked CD-ROM Croner titles. At present, LLR is unable to provide institution wide access to these online materials. It is hoped to have a resolution for these continuing access problems very shortly.

CD-ROM content migration to eSearch – Digital Textiles, Spon’s price books and Trend Report 2007

Following the withdrawal of LLR’s networked CD-ROM service, several titles identified were identified for retention and migration to a new delivery platform.

The following titles are now available, as .pdf or PowerPoint files, through eSearch:

  • Digital Textiles
  • Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price Book
  • Spon’s Civil Engineering and Highway Works Price Book
  • Spon’s External Works and Landscape Price Book
  • Trend Report 2007

Access to these titles is by University domain, username and password (although on-campus visitors who have already authenticated into other services may not be challenged again to login). Digital Textiles and Trend Report 2007 are accessible on-campus and off-campus. The Spon’s price book titles are only accessible from on-campus. Because of the way that LLR is managing this content, it is necessary to add ads\ (the standard university domain) before entering a university username (e.g. ads\NXXXXXX) to login successfully to these materials.

Access to alternative web based Croner materials (which replace several now-withdrawn Croner CD-ROM titles) should be available shortly. LLR is waiting on Wolters Kluwer to complete some additional configuration work before these titles can be activated. A further update on Croner content will be provided as soon as possible.

Withdrawn resources: networked CD-ROMs

As a result of the recent review of networked CD-ROM provision, LLR has decided to withdraw all networked CD-ROMs from service and provide alternative access to selected CD-ROM materials which are still required for learning, teaching and research purposes. These alternative access routes will be available prior to the start of the autumn term. However, links to all CD-ROM titles have now been withdrawn from eSearch as the contracts with LLR’s external suppliers which support the CD-ROM network have now lapsed. More detailed information on the small number of CD-ROM titles that will, in future, be delivered in an alternative electronic format will be provided shortly.

Resources updated: Networked CD-ROMs

The following networked CD-ROMs have now been updated:

  • APID, now issue 4 2007
  • Croner Road Transport, now January 2008
  • Croner Reference Book for Self Employed and Smaller Business, now February 2008
  • Croner Reference Book for Employers, now January 2008
  • Croner Premises Management, now January 2008
  • Croner Practical Food Hygiene, now November 2007
  • Croner Health & Safety at Work, now January 2008
  • Croner Environmental Management Policies & Procedures, now September 2007
  • Croner Practical Food Hygiene, now November 2007
  • Croner Catering, now August 2007

Networked CD-ROMs updated

The following networked CD-ROM titles have been updated as indicated:

  • APID, now issue 4 2006
  • Croner Road Transport, now February 2007 (says February on CD but January on application interface)
  • Croner Environmental Management Policies & Procedures, now September 2006
  • Croner Health & Safety at Work, now April 2007
  • Croner Catering, now April 2007
  • Croner Practical Food Hygiene, now November 2006
  • Croner Premises Management, now November 2006
  • Croner Reference Book for Employers, now March 2007
  • Croner Reference Book for Self Employed and Smaller Business, now April 2007
  • International GAAP Online, now December 2006
  • Surveyor’s Factbook, now November 2006

Networked CD-ROMs and eZproxy – brief service interruption

There will be a brief interruption in service for both the networked CD-ROMs and eZproxy (used for those resources which require domain, username and password for off-campus access) some time between 11am-12noon on Sunday 18 February, to allow necessary software patching. Testing will be carried out first thing on Monday to ensure that all services are working normally.

New resource: Trend Report 2007

The networked CD-ROM Trend Report 2007 has been added to the eSearch Categories Art & Design > Applied Design, Fashion, Fashion + Textile Management and Business and Management > Marketing; and the corresponding sections of the subject web portal. The resource is described as follows:

Trend Report 2007 is a 300+ page PowerPoint presentation with text, graphics and notes, which details updated and new consumer trends, and how brands are using them.

eResources update – network CD-ROM access problem

A technical problem is preventing access to all networked CD-ROMs from both on- and off-campus. Neither direct links nor the ICA Client alternative access route are functioning.

The following error message displays in response to access requests from eSearch and the subject portal:


eServices is investigating and will update as soon as we have more to report.