Science Direct: issue affecting direct export to RefWorks

The RefWorks technical team are working to resolve a problem which is affecting the ‘RefWorks Direct Export’ service from Science Direct (SciVerse).

For the first direct export request from a Science Direct session, a new pop-up windows resolves to the RefWorks login screen. After selecting ‘Nottingham Trent University’ from the drop-down list of institutions and logging in with a university username and password, the export to RefWorks succeeds and the Last Imported folder is populated with the newly imported records.

However, subsequent RefWorks direct export requests attempted during the same session resolve to the logged-in user’s RefWorks account without the newly exported records being imported into RefWorks.

RefWorks do not have, at present, a timeline for the correction of this problem, but are actively working on a fix.

In the meantime, a simple workaround provides a temporary solution to the problem.

  • After the first Science Direct export has completed successfully in RefWorks, select the Log out option in RefWorks to end the current RefWorks session
  • For subsequent export requests from Science Direct in the same session, the browser will then be directed back to the RefWorks login screen
  • Once the user has selected ‘Nottingham Trent University’ from the drop-down list, they should be resolved to RefWorks as a logged-in user (because their Shibboleth session is still active in their browser, they should not be required to log in again) and the export request should complete successfully

A further update will follow once this issue has been satisfactorily resolved and this workaround is no longer necessary.

Verdict Reports – removed from Find a Database in Library OneSearch

The period of temporary access to Verdict Reports provided through the MarketLine service has now expired, and as a result access to Verdict Reports has been suspended in Library OneSearch, pending new subscription arrangements.

A further update will follow as-and-when access to Verdict Reports is restored and re-enabled in Library OneSearch.

Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts: linking change

Access details for the Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts service have been updated in Library OneSearch, to deep-link direct to the appropriate section of the Taylor and Francis site. Access remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

OSIRIS – new off-campus access arrangements

Due to an ongoing technical problem, off-campus requests to the OSIRIS service have been resolving (post-authentication) to the FAME interface (a separate resource provided on the same platform).

This issue has now been resolved, so that login requests resolve to the OSIRIS interface.

However, an automatic pop-up window launched for off-campus requests by the OSIRIS service would have caused a conflict with the way that Library OneSearch manages new window requests for databases – which would have rendered the resource inaccessible on some off-campus browsers. To overcome this problem, off-campus login requests to OSIRIS are routed through an interim page (in effect, one additional click) which ensures that OSIRIS new window requests launch normally.

Ulrichsweb: off-campus access by university username and password

Off-campus access to the Ulrichsweb service (which was previously by ‘resource specific username and password’) is now available by university username and password.

Resource details have been updated in Library OneSearch and SFX.

The entry for Ulrichsweb on the Other Passwords page of the LLR web site will be withdrawn shortly.

Verdict Reports – temporary access through the MarketLine service

Temporary access to the Verdict Reports service is currently available through the MarketLine platform (until 16 January 2013, pending new subscription arrangements).

Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

URLs and guidance information in Library OneSearch have been updated accordingly.