Verdict Reports (MarketLine): access removed from Library OneSearch

The entry for Verdict Reports (via the MarketLine platform) has once again been removed from Library OneSearch following the conclusion of the current access period to the resource. A future update will follow as and when LLR’s future subscription arrangements with the Verdict service are confirmed.

Verdict Reports – removed from Find a Database in Library OneSearch

The period of temporary access to Verdict Reports provided through the MarketLine service has now expired, and as a result access to Verdict Reports has been suspended in Library OneSearch, pending new subscription arrangements.

A further update will follow as-and-when access to Verdict Reports is restored and re-enabled in Library OneSearch.

Verdict Reports – temporary access through the MarketLine service

Temporary access to the Verdict Reports service is currently available through the MarketLine platform (until 16 January 2013, pending new subscription arrangements).

Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

URLs and guidance information in Library OneSearch have been updated accordingly.

Verdict Research (Datamonitor 360) – access on-campus currently by university username and password

Datamonitor are experiencing some network issues, which mean that IP-authenticated access to Verdict Research (Datamonitor 360) on-campus is no longer working.

Pending the resolution of the problems by Datamonitor, on-campus login to Verdict Research (Datamonitor 360) has been switched to university username and password (using Shibboleth).

Access URLs and prompts in Library OneSearch have been updated accordingly, with the additional login advice:

Select Datamonitor360 and then Nottingham Trent University from the drop-down list

Business Insights (Datamonitor 360) withdrawn from eSearch and LOS

Business Insights (Datamonitor 360) has been withdrawn from eSearch and LOS following the conclusion of LLR’s subscription to the resource. LLR’s subscription to the Verdict Research collection on the same Datamonitor 360 platform is ongoing

Datamonitor (360) – Business Insights and Verdict Research

The Business Insights and Verdict Research services now provided through the new integrated Datamonitor 360 platform. Access details in eSearch for both services have been updated accordingly. Access is direct on-campus, but on-campus access to both services is currently unavailable, while alternative authentication options for off-campus customers are investigated.

Verdict Research – new platform

Access to the Verdict Research reports has been migrated to the Business Insights platform and links and guidance notes in eSearch have been updated accordingly. Access is direct on-campus and off-campus access is via NTU domain, username and password. NTU has access to a restricted number of reports in the Verdict Research collection (each indicated by the green ‘open book’ icon) although it is hoped that it will soon be possible to extend the number of reports available.

Verdict: on-campus access problems resolved

To provide a robust ongoing solution to the access problems that have been experienced with the Verdict service, the providers have enabled direct IP-authenticated access for on-campus visitors. On-campus access is therefore available once again. Off-campus access is temporarily suspended while the arrangements to provide EZproxy access are put in place.