eBrary PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) period concludes

The eBrary Patron Driven Acquisition period (which began in June 2012) has now concluded. The metadata records of all titles which were purchased during the PDA period have been updated in Library OneSearch (and in the Aleph client) with the indicator: “This eBook has been purchased from the eBrary PDA collection”.

All non-purchased eBrary PDA titles have been removed from Library OneSearch and marked as ‘suppressed’ in Aleph. These non-acquired titles will be removed from Aleph completely, once this list has been cross-checked against current Resource Lists (and any eBrary PDA titles added to resource lists which did not reach the trigger threshold for acquisition during the PDA period have been reviewed).

Box of Broadcasts upgrade – no access 13-23 December 2013

Access to the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) streaming off-air TV recording service will be unavailable from 17:00 on 13 December until 23 December 2013, as the service is upgraded to a new version (which will launch on 6 January 2014).

A message on the BoB homepage alerts visitors to the scheduled downtime as follows:

IMPORTANT BoB is having an upgrade. To get ready for the new BoB v3 launch on 6 January BoB will be closed from 5pm 13 December until 23 December. Please consider this when planning your work schedule.

New resource: Humanities and Social Science (HSS) backfile package

Access to the full-text of more than 300 journals included in the Humanities and Social Science (HSS) backfile package from Sage have been enabled in SFX and harvested and indexed in Library OneSearch.

Journals in the collection are indicated as available in full-text from ‘Sage (HSS Backfile 2013)’.

Access to all titles in the archive (which normally provide full-text access up to the end of 1998) is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Withdrawn resource: Ethical Fashion Forum

Access to the Ethical Fashion Forum service, which was enabled in Library OneSearch in March of this year, has been suspended following the conclusion of the initial access period.

The subscription to the EFF was paid for directly by the School of Art and Design (rather than by the library), and the school is now reviewing future subscription options.

If a new subscription is activated, access to the EFF will be re-enabled in Library OneSearch. The entry for the EFF on the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the library web site is in the process of being removed (but will, of course, be reinstated in the event of a renewed subscription).

Literature Online (LION) – SFX connection issues resolved

An issue preventing both journal-level and article-level links in the Literature Online (LION) service from resolving correctly from SFX has now been fixed, and SFX links to LION are now working normally.

Later in November the LION service will be migrating to a new discovery platform, and further changes in access arrangements for the service in both Library OneSearch and SFX are anticipated.

Periodicals Archive Online: individuals journal records now activated

Records for each of the individual titles in the Periodicals Archive Online service, which was activated as a database earlier in the summer, have now been added to SFX and harvested into the journals index of Library OneSearch. In SFX, this collection is referenced as ‘Chadwyck Periodicals Archive Online (JISC)’.

Access to the resource (as both a database and a full-text journal service) remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Solicitors’ Journal: new access arrangements

Access to the Solicitors’ Journal is now direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. Details of the previous access arrangements (requiring a username and password) have been removed from the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the library web site. Access information for the journal has also been updated in SFX.

Posted in SFX

Estates Gazette Interactive – changes for new registrations

The Estates Gazette Interactive service has updated the method by which new EGi registrations are self-activated by staff and students (existing EGi registrations are unaffected).

Details of how to register for EGi have been updated on the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the library web site. Staff and students need to use the customised access link for EGi provided on that secure page to begin the registration process.