Find Databases: resource review (September 2016)

Find Databases - Library OneSearch
Following a detailed review by the Research Support and Learning and Teaching teams, a number of changes have been made to the list of resources made available through the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch (which will also be reflected, later today, in searches in the ‘All’ search tab of LOS). The changes are detailed below:


  • AEI (Australian Education Index)
  • Bankscope
  • British Library Sounds
  • Child Development and Adolescent Studies
  • Construction Information Service
  • CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) Online Publications
  • FAME
  • Family Law Online
  • Information Asset Register
  • Interior Internet
  • Mintel
  • MyiLibrary
  • NBS Educator
  • NBS TV
  • Passport (formerly Passport GMID)
  • Planning portal
  • PoliticsHome
  • Westlaw


  • Biosciences Image Bank
  • biz/ed
  • Epistemelinks
  • LexisPSL
  • Women’s Studies
  • WWW Virtual Library: Archnet

If you’d like any further information about the specific changes that have been made to any of the resources listed above, please get in touch.

Find Databases – Free-to-access resource updates

Following the recent ALT review of free-to-access resources provided through the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch, information about the following resources has been updated (descriptions, names, access URLs and other information has been changed, as/if required):

  • ASCE Civil Engineering Database
  • (now UK Data Service – Census Support)
  • Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Directory of UK Design Consultants (now Directory of Design Consultants)
  • Election resources on the internet
  • (now PoliticsHome)
  • Espacenet
  • European Court of Human Rights Judgments
  • Fedstats
  • Foreign Relations of the United States
  • GovSpot
  • Halifax House Price Index
  • History and Politics Out Loud (HPOL)
  • House Price Index
  • Intellectual Property Office
  • LawLinks
  • Leave to appeal to the House of Lords (now Leave to appeal to the Supreme Court)
  • Live court listings
  • Local Acts
  • NBS Educator
  • Parliamentary Counsel Office – Bills and Acts (now UK Parliament: Bills and legislation)
  • Patent Office
  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • The Stationery Office
  • UK PubMed Central (now Europe PubMed Central)
  • UK Statutory Instruments
  • uktradeinfo
  • WikiVet
  • WSSLINKS: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites (now WGSSLINKS: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites)

Nomad Statistics service renamed as Nottingham Insight

The free-to-access Nomad Statistics database has been renamed as Nottingham Insight, in Library OneSearch, to reflect the upgrade and rebranding of the service. The access URL has also been updated. Access to service remains unrestricted on-campus and off-campus. The description of the service has been amended, and how reads as follows:

Nottingham City Council’s interactive statistical website with thematic maps presenting anti-social data, census of population data, crime data, fire & rescue data, and indices of deprivation. It also has access to customer data from Experian’s Mosaic database product.