Changes to the Wilson Art database profile

Access to the Art Full Text service has now been restored on the HW Wilson platform. To bring our listings for the Wilson art resources back in synch with that used by the providers, ‘Art Abstracts and Art Full Text’ has been renamed in our resource discovery environment as Art Full Text. In a further change, on-campus access to both Art Full Text and Art Retrospective is now direct (with an Athens username and password still required for off-campus access). Updates have been made to eSearch and the subject web portal to reflect these changes.

Art Full text – access unavailable

Access is currently unavailable to the Art Full Text database on the Wilson Web platform – with only the Art Retrospective database available for search selection. Liaison with technical support at Wilson is underway and it is hoped to be able to re-establish access shortly.

In an unrelated development, it should soon be possible to offer direct access to the Wilson Web databases for on-campus users.