New resource: Hart Publishing 2014 collection

JUST UNDER 100 titles from the Hart Publishing 2014 collection of law and legal titles are now accessible through Library OneSearch.

Access to the titles is by university username and password.

Titles in the collection, which are accessed through the Bloomsbury platform, include:

Hart Publishing

New resource: Fashion Business Cases

MORE THAN 175 titles from the Fashion Business Cases collection are now accessible through Library OneSearch.

Access to all subscribed titles is by university username and password.

Titles in the collection, which are accessed through the Bloomsbury Fashion Central platform, include:

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

New resource: Human Kinetics Library

MORE THAN 150 eBooks from the Human Kinetics Library are now accessible through Library OneSearch.

Access to all subscribed titles in the collection is by university username and password.

Titles in the collection, which are accessed through the Bloomsbury platform, include:

Human Kinetics Library

Additional Bloomsbury resources: access period extended

TEMPORARY ACCESS ARRANGEMENTS for a range of different electronic resources provided through the Bloomsbury platform have been extended to 31 July 2020.

Details in the Find Databases listings for each of these resources have been updated to reflect this. The resources are:

All these resources remain discoverable through the list of additional electronic resources being provided during the current closure of the site libraries.

Bloomsbury Digital Resources logo

Additional electronic and online resource: Screen Studies

Screen Studies

THE SCREEN STUDIES platform, published by Bloomsbury, has been added to the current list of temporary additional electronic and online resources in the Find Databases service.

The listing for resource indicates that access is by university username and password. The resource is described as follows:

Screen Studies offers a broad range of content from Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber and the British Film Institute to support the full breadth of moving-image studies. It is designed to support the work of academics and students engaged in research and learning in film history, theory and practice.

It includes screenplays from screenwriters including Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, Joel and Ethan Coen and many others. Alongside award-winning screenplays, it comprises an interactive timeline of film history, an expanding collection of film stills, and more than 240 eBooks from both Bloomsbury and Faber & Faber. Available eBook content includes film biographies, scholarly monographs, filmmaking and screenwriting guides.

Screen Studies explores films, directors and genres from across the world, covering the US, Europe, Asia and beyond, with contents indexed by regions, and well as by genres and approaches.

Screen Studies is available to university staff and students until at least the end of May 2020.

Additional electronic and online resources

New Find Databases - browse by letter

DURING THE CURRENT closure of the campus libraries, LLR is making additional electronic resources available for off-campus access by staff and students.

This material is a mixture of content that publishers are making openly available to Higher Education institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and materials that the library has been able to licence paid-access to for a time-limited period.

The current full list of additional resources is available from the dedicated Find Databases link

More resources are being added to list as new access arrangements are finalised.

Each of these resources has been added to the relevant subject sub-categories in the Find Databases service, and can be identified by the New temporary resource icon show below.

New temporary resource icon


New resource: Bloomsbury Fashion Central

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

TITLES IN THE Bloomsbury Fashion Central collection are now discoverable through Library OneSearch, and the platform itself is accessible through the Find Databases service.

Access to all subscribed content on the platform is direct on-campus and by university username and password off-campus.

For its database entry, the resource is described as follows:

Bloomsbury Fashion Central is a digital hub for interdisciplinary research in fashion and dress. It includes major reference works, articles, eBooks, video content, runway and backstage photos from fashion shows, and tens of thousands of images from museums around the world. There are three resources to explore:

The Berg Fashion Library contains over 100 eBooks, more than 13,000 colour images and other reference works.

This is complemented by the Fairchild Books Library, which includes another 150 eBooks on all aspects of fashion.

Finally, the Fashion Photography Archive covers forty years of contemporary fashion history and contains over 750,000 images.

Sample eBook titles in the collection include the following:

Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project enters selection phase

The library’s current Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project, which involved making tens of thousands of new eBook titles available for customer discovery in Library OneSearch, has entered its selection phase (during which the library decides which titles will be bought outright in perpetuity, and which will be withdrawn from the collection). This selection process has begun, following the conclusion of the discovery phase of the project at the end of April.

While final selections are agreed, the following sets of eBook titles have been suspended from discovery in Library OneSearch:

  • Bloomsbury (2,013 titles)
  • Cambridge University Press (30,391 titles)
  • Sage (4,306 titles)
  • Oxford Scholarship Online (11,812 titles)

EBA eBook titles which have been added to resource lists during the discovery phase should still continue to be accessible through the links provided in the RLMS.

Once title selections have been confirmed for each provider, the purchased titles will updated and made discoverable once again in Library OneSearch.

The Wiley EBA package (consisting of 17,879 titles) will continue to be active until the end of May.

Bloomsbury – off-campus authentication issues resolved

The previously reported problems preventing off-campus access to eBook titles on the Bloomsbury Collections platform have now been resolved.

Off-campus access is available once again by university username and password. An illustrated walkthrough of each step in the off-campus login process is available.

Bloomsbury Collections eBook titles: off-campus access currently unavailable

Off-campus access to eBook titles in the Bloomsbury Collections set is currently unavailable due to a problem affecting Bloomsbury’s Shibboleth Service Provider.

Off-campus login requests (via NTU username and password) are currently resolving to an error page. A further update will follow once off-campus access to Bloomsbury Collections’ content has been reinstated. On-campus access (via IP authentication) is unaffected.

Bloomsbury Collections - Shibboleth option