BIOSIS Previews – access configuration updated

An issue preventing some access requests to BIOSIS Previews in eSearch from resolving correctly has now been corrected. All requests to BIOSIS Previews now resolve appropriately to the Web of Knowledge portal. Remote and metasearching of BIOSIS Previews is also now working consistently in eSearch.

Silverplatter downtime Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 December

Maintenance work on the ARC platform (used by Silverplatter) over the coming weekend means that there will be no access to the following databases on either Saturday or Sunday: OSH-ROM, Geography and ICONDA. Access to the Silveplatter-ARC versions of IBSS and BIOSIS will also be unavailable, but we provide prefered access to both these resources on the OVID platform, where service will continue uninterrupted. I will update on the status of these resources on Monday.