Web of Science – off-campus access link updated

A problem affecting off-campus requests to the Web of Science platform in Library OneSearch has been resolved. Following new information from the WoS technical support team, off-campus access links in LOS have been updated. Access to Web of Science remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Web of Science

Resolved: Off-campus access problems affecting Journal Citation Reports

The previously reported technical problem, which was causing off-campus access requests to the Journal Citation Reports service from within Web of Science to be rejected, has now been resolved.

It is therefore possible to access the JCR service from within WoS from off-campus once again.

The separate listing for Journal Citation Reports in Library OneSearch, which provides an authenticated WAYFLess deep-link to JCR, that was created while this technical problem persisted, will be retained.

Journal Citation Reports

New resource listing: Journal Citation Reports

The technical team at Thomson Reuters are working to resolve a problem which is causing off-campus access requests to the Journal Citation Reports service from within Web of Science to be rejected.

Pending the deployment of a stable fix, an additional entry for Journal Citation Reports has been added to the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch. This new listing provides a separate, WAYFLess URL that will ensure access to the JCR platform from off-campus. Authentication via this new link is by university username and password. The resource is described as follows:

Journal Citation Reports provides quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data, supporting the comparative analysis of impact. By compiling articles’ cited references, JCR helps to measure research influence at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals.

Journal Citation Reports

Find Databases: resource review

Find Databases - Library OneSearch

Following a detailed review by the Research Support and Learning and Teaching teams, a number of changes have been made to the list of resources made available through the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch (which will also be reflected, later today, in searches in the ‘All’ search tab of LOS). The changes are detailed below:


New entries have been created for the following resources:

  • Galaxy: Business and Commerce
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
  • IDS Employment Law Brief
  • Nottingham City Council Planning and Building Control web pages


The following resources have been withdrawn from the Find Databases service:

  • Academic Info
  • AHDS Visual Arts
  • biz/ed
  • BUBL Link
  • Census Dissemination Unit
  • Census Interaction Data Services
  • EpistemeLinks
  • ESDS (Economic and Social Data Service)
  • eiNET: Business and Commerce
  • EuroInternet
  • Global Legal Information Network
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) – 18th Century
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) – 19th Century
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) – 20th Century
  • IDS Online
  • Interior Internet
  • International Criminal Law: a selective resource guide
  • Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, US Policy and the Prelude to the Persian Gulf War, 1980–1994
  • Law on the web
  • Literary Resources on the Net
  • MCEER (Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering)
  • OECD Main Economic Indicators
  • Oxford University Library Catalogue
  • plan4nottingham.com
  • Samples of Anonymised Records from the Census Microdata Unit
  • Stationery Office, The
  • Trade Association Forum
  • Trading Standards Specialist
  • Trend Report 2007
  • Textile Technology Index (EBSCO)
  • US Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy, 1945–1991
  • Women’s Studies Database
  • WWW Virtual Library: Archnet


The entries for the following resources have been updated. Updates include: amended access URLs, changed help and guidance information, updated subject category assignments and revised descriptions:

  • 10 Downing Street
  • a-n (The Artists Information Company)
  • ABELL (Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature)
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Acts of the UK Parliament
  • Alexander Street Press (audio-visual collection)
  • American Film Scripts Online (Alexander Street Press)
  • American National Election Studies
  • arlis.net
  • Art and Architecture Archive (ProQuest)
  • Art Full Text (EBSCO)
  • ASCE Civil Engineering Database
  • BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute)
  • Biosciences Image Bank
  • BoB (Box of Broadcasts)
  • BRAD Insight
  • British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries 1500-1950 (Alexander Street Press)
  • British Education Index (EBSCO)
  • British Film Institute (BFI) InView
  • British Library Catalogue
  • British Library Sounds
  • British Newspapers 1600-1900
  • British Periodicals 1680s-1930s
  • British Progressive Links – the left and more
  • British Standards
  • Business Source Complete (EBSCO)
  • Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations
  • Casetrack
  • Census Support: Flow data
  • ChemSpider
  • Child Development and Adolescent Studies
  • Church Measures
  • Cochrane Library
  • CogPrints (Cognitive sciences eprint archive)
  • Constitution Finder
  • Construction and Building Abstracts
  • The Court of Justice of the European Communities and the Court of First Instance (CURIA)
  • CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group)
  • Creative Club
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts
  • Defining Gender, 1450-1910
  • Digimap Ordnance Survey Data Collection
  • Digital National Security Archive
  • Early English Books Online – EEBO
  • eBrary
  • ECCO – Eighteenth Century Collections Online
  • EconLit
  • EconPapers
  • Educational Administration Abstracts (EBSCO)
  • Emerald
  • Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive (ProQuest)
  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) (EBSCO)
  • Estates Gazette Interactive
  • EUR-Lex
  • Europa
  • European Court of Human Rights Judgments
  • European Research Papers Archive
  • FAME
  • Family Law Online
  • Fedstats
  • Foreign Relations of the United States
  • Gartner
  • GovSpot
  • Halifax House Price Index
  • History and Politics Out Loud (HPOL)
  • House Price Index
  • Hague Conference on Private International Law, The
  • HeinOnline
  • House of Lords Judgments
  • IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences)
  • IOP Journals (IOP)
  • InfoLaw
  • Information Asset Register
  • Institute of Civil Engineers Virtual Library
  • Intellectual Property Office
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, The
  • JISC Historic Books
  • JISC MediaHub
  • John Johnson Collection
  • Keele Guides to Government & Politics on the internet, The
  • Key Note
  • Key Skill: Animal Anatomy and Physiology Collection
  • Land of Lost Content
  • Landmap
  • LawLinks
  • Legal resources in the UK and Ireland
  • LexisLibrary
  • LexisPSL (Professional Support Lawyer)
  • Linguist List, The
  • LION (Literature Online)
  • Live court listings
  • MyiLibrary
  • NBS Educator
  • NBS TV
  • Nexis UK
  • Nottingham Insight
  • OAPEN Library
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Parliamentlive.tv
  • Passport GMID
  • Picture Post Historical Archive
  • PILOTS Databases
  • Planning Portal
  • Political resources on the Net
  • PoliticsHome
  • Practical Law
  • Proceedings of the Old Bailey
  • ProQuest Central
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses – UK and Ireland (ProQuest)
  • PsycINFO
  • Public Bill Committee Debates
  • The Public Whip
  • PubMed
  • Regional Business News (EBSCO)
  • RIBA Product Selector
  • Royal Town Planning Institute
  • RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) journals
  • SAE Technical Papers
  • Science Classic (AAAS)
  • Scopus (Elsevier)
  • Social Services Abstracts
  • Social Care Online
  • Society for Computers and Law: The IT Law Community
  • Sociological Abstracts
  • Sociological Tour through Cyberspace, A
  • SocioWeb
  • SourceOECD
  • Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts
  • Supreme Court Applications
  • Supreme Court – Decided Cases
  • The Times Digital Archive
  • Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive
  • Trench Journals and Unit Magazines of the First World War
  • TRILT (Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching)
  • UK Government Web Archive
  • UK Parliament
  • uktradeinfo
  • UNESCO Data Centre
  • United Nations Documentation
  • Utilitarianism Resources
  • Vision of Britain through Time
  • Vogue Archive, The
  • Web of Science
  • Westlaw
  • WGSN (Worth Global Style Network)
  • WGSSLINKS: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites
  • World Bank Data and Statistics
  • World Economic Outlook Databases
  • World Population Prospects
  • Zetoc

If you’d like any further information about the specific changes that have been made to any of the resources listed above, please get in touch.

Web of Science – database listing changes

Following the redesign and reorganisation of the Web of Science service, database details in Library OneSearch have been updated to reflect the consolidation of the datasets that WoS provides.

The following separate database entries have been removed from the ‘Find Databases’ service (and will disappear from the main LOS search index later today).

  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index
  • BIOSIS Previews
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • Science Index
  • Social Science Index
  • Web of Knowledge
  • Web of Science (previous listing)

The withdrawn entries have been replaced by a new combined ‘Web of Science’ listing. All of the category and sub-category assignments for these legacy resources have been added to the new WoS listing. The deduplicated list of category assignments is as follows:

  • Accounting, Finance and Economics — Economics ;
  • Animal, Equine and Wildlife — Animal Science ;
  • Animal, Equine and Wildlife ; Equine Science ;
  • Animal, Equine and Wildlife ; Veterinary Nursing ;
  • Animal, Equine and Wildlife ; Wildlife Conservation ;
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering — Interior Architecture and Design ;
  • Art and Design — Fashion and Textiles ;
  • Art and Design ; Fine Arts and Decorative Arts ;
  • Business, Management and Marketing ; Human Resource Management ;
  • Business, Management and Marketing ; Marketing ;
  • Criminology and Youth Justice ; Criminology
  • Criminology and Youth Justice ; Youth Justice ;
  • Culture, Media and Journalism ; Cultural Studies ;
  • Culture, Media and Journalism ; Journalism ;
  • Culture, Media and Journalism ; Media, Film and Television ;
  • Education, Teacher Training, Childhood + Youth Studies ; Childhood and Early Years ;
  • Education, Teacher Training, Childhood + Youth Studies ; Education and Teacher Training ;
  • Education, Teacher Training, Childhood + Youth Studies ; Youth Studies
  • Geography, Horticulture and Environment ; Environmental Science ;
  • Geography, Horticulture and Environment ; Food Science ;
  • Geography, Horticulture and Environment ; Garden Design ;
  • Geography, Horticulture and Environment ; Geography ;
  • Geography, Horticulture and Environment ; Horticulture ;
  • History, Heritage and Philosophy ; Heritage ;
  • History, Heritage and Philosophy ; History ;
  • History, Heritage and Philosophy ; Philosophy ;
  • Law ; Criminology and Criminal Justice ;
  • Law ; Family Law ;
  • Law ; Research Methods ;
  • Literature, Language and Linguistics ; English Literature
  • Literature, Language and Linguistics ; Linguistics ;
  • Literature, Language and Linguistics ; Modern Languages ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; European Politics ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; Global Politics ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; Global Studies ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; International Relations ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; Political Ideologies ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; Research Methods ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; UK Politics ;
  • Politics and International Studies ; Utopias ;
  • Property, Construction and Surveying ; Building and Construction ;
  • Property, Construction and Surveying ; Property ;
  • Property, Construction and Surveying ; Surveying ;
  • Psychology, Sociology and Counselling ; Psychology and Counselling ;
  • Psychology, Sociology and Counselling ; Research Methods
  • Psychology, Sociology and Counselling ; Research Methods ;
  • Psychology, Sociology and Counselling ; Sociology ;
  • Public Health ; Environmental Management
  • Public Health ; Health and Safety ;
  • Public Health ; Public Health ;
  • Public Health ; Risk Management ;
  • Science and Technology ; Biosciences ;
  • Science and Technology ; Chemistry ;
  • Science and Technology ; Computing and Technology ;
  • Science and Technology ; Forensic Sciences ;
  • Science and Technology ; Maths
  • Science and Technology ; Physics ;
  • Science and Technology ; Sports Science ;
  • Social Work, Health and Social Care ; Health and Social Care ;
  • Social Work, Health and Social Care ; Social Work ;

Access to ‘Web of Science’ remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Web of Science – new interface launched

The latest upgrade to the Web of Science interface (v.5.13) has just been launched and is now live. Thomson Reuters describe the update as follows:

The new Web of Science delivers a user-centric redesign to provide a simplified, intuitive search with clearer results through a single interface. No data or search index changes have been made. These enhancements make it:

  • easier to start a search
  • easier to review results, and
  • easier to discover related research with linked data

Enhancements that you will notice include:

  • improved page layout and readability
  • clear identification of the database searched
  • simplified navigation and grouping of functional controls
  • expanded search fields available with one click, and
  • easier links to full text

Web of Science databases are listed in Library OneSearch under the following separate entries:

  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index
  • BIOSIS Previews
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • Science Citation Index
  • Social Science Citation Index
  • Web of Knowledge
  • Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings)

Thomson Reuters have published a range of video tutorials explaining how different features in the new interface work – including a Web of Science Quick Tour.

Following the upgrade over the weekend of 11-12 January 2014 a number of service and performance errors have been reported, and some users may encounter error messages when using the new interface. Thomson Reuters are working to resolve these teething problems as soon as possible.

Web of Knowledge – direct export to RefWorks enabled

The ability to export references direct to RefWorks has been enabled in all Web of Knowledge services. A new RefWorks button appears in all relevant results screens (see example illustration below, from BIOSIS Previews).

The option to export multiple selected records direct to RefWorks is also now available in the ‘Marked List’ features (see illustration below):

Web of Knowledge – remote and metasearch configurations updated

The remote and metasearch configurations for Web of Knowledge databases have been updated in eSearch. For the Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation Index and BIOSIS Previews, searches now only retrieve record sets from those individual collections. To remote search the whole of the WoK collection in eSearch, select either the Web of Knowledge or Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings) options.

Problems affecting the Web of Knowledge service

Following a series of upgrades on the Web of Knowledge platform (to support the migration to a new WoK interface), unanticipated technical problems are affecting the service.

Thomson ISI-MIMAS advise:

“We are currently experiencing performance issues with Web of Knowledge access, search and navigation. Our technical staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

For most off-campus customers, Shibboleth based authentication (using a university username and password) is unavailable, either through eSearch or direct in the WoK interface.

The affected services are:

* Arts and Humanities Citation Index
* BIOSIS Previews (Web of Science)
* Journal Citation Reports
* Science Citation Index
* Social Science Citation Index
* Web of Knowledge
* Web of Science (with Conference Proceedings)

Service alerts have been added to all of these resources in eSearch. A further update will follow once these service problems are confirmed as resolved

BIOSIS Previews – access configuration updated

An issue preventing some access requests to BIOSIS Previews in eSearch from resolving correctly has now been corrected. All requests to BIOSIS Previews now resolve appropriately to the Web of Knowledge portal. Remote and metasearching of BIOSIS Previews is also now working consistently in eSearch.