Silverplatter and OvidSP databases – and Shibboleth login

The Silverplatter platform (which provided access to several of LLR’s subscription databases) is being withdrawn at the end of June 2009, so all the databases on the platform are being migrated to OvidSP. (Previously some of the databases were available on both Silverplatter and OvidSP).

In parallel with the migration away from Silverplatter, Shibboleth authentication has been enabled for all databases on OvidSP:

  • BIOSIS Previews
  • CAB Abstracts
  • Geography (also known as Elsevier Geography)

All links in eSearch have been updated accordingly, and a guide to Shibboleth authentication on OvidSP has been added to the eServices Support wiki.

Remote searching for Geography and ICONDA is not currently enabled on OvidSP, but it is hoped that it will be possible to reinstate this shortly.

LLR also have access to a small number of eBooks in the Books@Ovid collection (as part of the JISC eBook Observatory Project). Links to those titles in the Library Catalogue will be updated to make use of Shibboleth authentication shortly (in the meantime it will still be possible to use an Athens username and password to access those titles).

New resource: OSH-UPDATE

Access to the OSH-UPDATE service has been set-up in eSearch. Access is direct on-campus, and by university username and password from off-campus (using the Shibbolized eZproxy service). The resource is described as follows:

OSH-UPDATE offers more than 500,000 records in the fields of occupational health, safety, hygiene, road safety, water safety and environment trends, drawn from a range of authoritative database sources including the UK legislation database; the UK Health and Safety Executive HSELINE; and the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), and a number of other European and worldwide sources.

OSH-UPDATE provides full bibliographic citation and abstracts for all journal articles, conference reports and other materials in its index; and offers links to selected full-text services where these are available.

As only a single simultaneous user is permitted under the terms of LLR’s licence, the following note has also been added:

Please note: under the terms of LLR’s subscription to OSH-UPDATE only one person may access the resource at a time. To free up the service for the next visitor, always remember to Logoff at the end of your session. If you see the following error message, “You have reached your licences limit on the number of concurrent sessions”, please try again later.

For LLR, OSH-UPDATE serves as a replacement for the OSH-ROM service which will shortly cease to be available from Silverplatter-OVID. A further update will confirm when OSH-ROM has been withdrawn from eSearch.

Resource platform change: IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences)

LLR’s access to IBSS is now provided through the EBSCOhost platform, and eSearch linkages have been updated accordingly. Access to the resource is direct on-campus and by Athens username and password off-campus. IBSS can be remote searched and metasearched in eSearch.

Platform change: SportDiscus

Access to the SportDiscus database is now provided through the EBSCOhost platform (rather than through the OVID-Silverplatter platform, as previously). Access is direct on-campus; off-campus access requires an Athens username and password. SportDiscus is enabled as an SFX ‘source’ and is cross-searchable within eSearch.

Silverplatter downtime Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 December

Maintenance work on the ARC platform (used by Silverplatter) over the coming weekend means that there will be no access to the following databases on either Saturday or Sunday: OSH-ROM, Geography and ICONDA. Access to the Silveplatter-ARC versions of IBSS and BIOSIS will also be unavailable, but we provide prefered access to both these resources on the OVID platform, where service will continue uninterrupted. I will update on the status of these resources on Monday.