SPORTDiscus with Full Text accessible once again

Access to the SPORTDiscus with Full Text service on the EBSCOhost platform, which was confirmed to be temporarily unavailable on Friday (30 June 2017), has now been restored.

Access to SPORTDiscus with Full Text is available once again through Library OneSearch and access to the full-text content of the publications in the collection is available once more through SFX.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text

Upgraded resource: SPORTDiscus now with full-text

The Library’s subscription to the SPORTDiscus abstract and indexing database has now been upgraded to provide full-text content for more than 700 titles in the SPORTDiscus With Full-Text collection. Access remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

Access to the A&I version of SPORTDiscus will continue to be available until April. Full-text titles have been activated in the SFX service and will be added to the indexed inventory of the library’s electronic journal collection shortly.

EBSCOhost - SPORTDiscus with full-text

UPDATE, 20 APRIL 2017: Access to the A&I version of SPORTDiscus has been withdrawn from Library OneSearch, with SPORTDiscus – with Full Text now presented by default. This has also been replicated in the EBSCOhost interface.

Platform change: SportDiscus

Access to the SportDiscus database is now provided through the EBSCOhost platform (rather than through the OVID-Silverplatter platform, as previously). Access is direct on-campus; off-campus access requires an Athens username and password. SportDiscus is enabled as an SFX ‘source’ and is cross-searchable within eSearch.