– off-campus access enabled

Following the deployment of some additional configuration changes by the technical team, off-campus access to subscribed content on the platform is now available off-campus – by university username and password. (On-campus access remains direct). Information in SFX has been updated accordingly. To access full-text content off-campus:

  • Select the ‘Login’ option in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • On the login page which then loads, select the ‘Login via your institution’ option
  • On the new page which then loads, search for ‘Nottingham Trent’ in the ‘Search for an institution’ option
  • Select ‘Nottingham Trent University’ from the result list. The browser will then resolve to the ‘NTU Single Sign-on’ page

LLR’s subscriptions currently cover full-text access to the following titles:

Nature (most recent four years)

  • Nature
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature medicine
  • Nature biotechnology
  • Nature neuroscience
  • Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology
  • Nature Immunology

Nature (backfiles 2007-2012)

  • Nature
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature Immunology

There is currently an ‘entitlement overlap’ for three titles between the ‘most recent four years’ subscription and the ‘2007-2012’ backfile. In addition offers free access to a selected range of current and archival journal content. Where possible, this free-to-access journal content is listed separately in SFX.

New resource: archival access (2007-2012) to three Nature titles

Full-text archival access for three Nature  titles has been enabled in SFX and Library OneSearch. The three titles are:

  • Nature (1476-4687)
  • Nature Genetics (1546-1718)
  • Nature Immunology (1529-2916)

The archival subscription for all three titles covers the ‘fixed’ period 2007-2012, and is independent from other current Nature  subscriptions.