Withdrawn resource: Knovel

LLR’s subscription to the Knovel collection of electronic books concluded at the end of January 2010. All listings of the resource have been withdrawn from eSearch, along with all entries for Knovel eBooks in SFX. All of the individual eBook catalogue records for Knovel titles will be withdrawn shortly.

Knovel: access restored

Access to LLR’s subscription to Knovel has been re-enabled. Links in eSearch have been restored, and links from the Library Catalogue to eBook content in the Knovel platform are now resolving correctly. Please contact eServices if you continue to experience any further problems.

Knovel eBook content – currently unavailable

Access to the electronic book content on the Knovel platform is currently unavailable. Links to the Knovel platform in eSearch have been temporarily disabled, and a note advising of the interruption in service added to the information icon for the resource. Links to Knovel from records in the Library Catalogue will return an error message. LLR is working with Knovel to re-establish access as soon as possible.

Off-campus access to Knovel eBooks via the Library Catalogue

Access to some of the eBooks on the Knovel platform via the Library Catalogue is currently not available to off-campus customers, because of a technical issue with the linking syntax. All of the affected records will be amended as soon as possible. On-campus access to Knovel titles through the library catalogue is unaffected. Access to all subscribed Knovel titles is available off-campus through eSearch and SFX.

There is an interim workaround available for off-campus customers seeking to access Knovel titles through the Library Catalogue. Please contact eServices for details.

An update will be circulated once the Knovel catalogue record fix is in place.

ejournal and eBook records to be added to ‘live’ ALEPH this week

During the course of this week, changes will be made to ‘live’ ALEPH to enable ejournal and eBooks to be made discoverable through the OPAC. There may be some very short interruptions in the OPAC service (lasting only a few seconds) while these changes are enacted. Initially, changes to the look of the OPAC record display (identical to those trialled in ‘test’ ALEPH) will be replicated in ‘live’ ALEPH, and eBook and ejournal records will then be loaded and indexed.

All SFX delivered ejournals and eBrary eBook records should be available through the ‘live’ OPAC by the end of the week, with records for Taylor & Francis, Knovel and other eBook providers available shortly after. Updates will be provided as the process progresses.

Trial extension: two additional eBook collections in Knovel

Two additional collections of eBooks have been added to LLR’s existing Knovel subscription – Sensors Technology Supplement (20 titles) and Systems Engineering Supplements (24 titles). Full-text access to these additional titles will be available until the end of March. As this is an extension to an already-active resource, access routes will not be changed for the duration of the trial.