IHS databases: access problems resolved

Temporary access arrangements for the IHS databases OHSIS [Occupational Health and Safety Informmation Service], Lacors and CIS [Construction Information Service], introduced following technical problems on the IHS platform, have now been withdrawn.

With the technical issues now resolved, access is once again direct on-campus and by university username and password off-campus. Access details in Library OneSearch have been updated accordingly.

The temporary access details posted on the ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site will be removed shortly.

IHS databases: temporary access details added to ‘Other Passwords’ page of LLR web site

Technical problems affecting IP-recognition on the IHS platform first reported earlier this week are continuing.

As as result the temporary access URL details provided to LLR by IHS have now been published on the secure ‘Other Passwords’ page of the LLR web site and the information in Library OneSearch updated accordingly.

eSearch ‘Find a database’ search widget withdrawn from LLR web site home page

Following initial feedback on the new LLR web site, the site project group have decided to withdraw the eSearch ‘Find a database’ search widget from the LLR home page.

An ‘Information Direct’ button and explanatory text have been added in its place (see illustration below).

LLR web site Library Catalogue search widget

The Library Catalogue search widget on the LLR home page has been retained (see illustration above). However, please be aware that the link to ‘My Library Card’ which previously appeared under the Search and Clear buttons has been replaced with a ‘Full Catalogue Search’ link, which opens up the ‘Basic Search’ screen of the Library Catalogue in a new window.

The principal access route to eSearch in the LLR web site can now be found under the ‘Resources and Collections’ heading of the LLR web site (see illustration below – click on image for larger version).

LLR web site - Resource and Collections section showing principal access route to eSearch

In light of this change, LLR is reviewing the Library Search widget in NOW (the new VLE) to see whether it would be appropriate to ‘match’ the revised LLR web site search widget by withdrawing the ‘Find a database’ eSearch search option from there as well.

‘Instructional guides’ and the LLR web site

Guides to registering for services such as Digimap, Land of Lost Content and WGSN; and to using services such as SciFinder Scholar, which used to available in the LLR web site are not currently accessible. This set of ‘instructional guides’ has not yet been migrated from the previous LLR web site template to the new web site design. These guides, which are accessed through links in eSearch (in the ‘information’ pop-up window for the relevant resource), should be available again shortly. A further update will follow once these guides have been recreated in the new LLR web site.

Clean-up and archive of legacy LLR web pages

Over the remainder of this week, eServices will be working to withdraw from LLR’s web server ‘Shelob’ old-style LLR web pages which have long since been withdrawn from service. These pages all predate the current LLR web site and are not linked to from anywhere within the LLR site, ALEPH, eSearch, SFX, the IRep or the VLE. The only (unintentional) access route to these withdrawn pages has been through the Google search box embedded in top-right of the university’s web page template. These defunct pages will shortly disappear from the results lists of Google searches, but in the meantime clicking on the entry for a withdrawn page in a Google results lists will return a ‘page not found’ response.

eServices is retaining an off-line archive of all of the withdrawn pages, should any LLR colleagues need to refer back to their contents in future.

This process will have no effect whatsoever on the live LLR web site.

Access problems to Electronic library resources section of the LLR web site resolved

Our colleagues in IS have been able to resolve the technical problem that was causing a username and password challenge to present when visitors selected several of the resources within the Electronic Library Resources section of the LLR web site (including the Subject portal, and the database and ejournal A-Z lists).

If you experience any remaining problems, please close and re-open your browser, and clear your browser’s cache. If problems persist, please contact the eServices team.