Clean-up and archive of legacy LLR web pages

Over the remainder of this week, eServices will be working to withdraw from LLR’s web server ‘Shelob’ old-style LLR web pages which have long since been withdrawn from service. These pages all predate the current LLR web site and are not linked to from anywhere within the LLR site, ALEPH, eSearch, SFX, the IRep or the VLE. The only (unintentional) access route to these withdrawn pages has been through the Google search box embedded in top-right of the university’s web page template. These defunct pages will shortly disappear from the results lists of Google searches, but in the meantime clicking on the entry for a withdrawn page in a Google results lists will return a ‘page not found’ response.

eServices is retaining an off-line archive of all of the withdrawn pages, should any LLR colleagues need to refer back to their contents in future.

This process will have no effect whatsoever on the live LLR web site.