Secure off-campus access to BCIS enabled in Library OneSearch

Secure off-campus access to the BCIS platform has been enabled in the Find Databases service of Library OneSearch. While on-campus access remains direct, off-campus access is now through university username and password (using the secure link provided in LOS). Access URLs and details have been updated in the records in Library OneSearch.

BCIS platform

BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) – new platform

BCIS (the Building Cost Information Service) has launched a new and improved platform, and links from Library OneSearch have been updated to connect to the new interface. Access remains direct on-campus; off-campus access is not available.

The new platform is based on a web interface (rather than a client, launched via a web request). This means that the interim page, through which customers were previously directed, is no longer required – and access to the service is direct.

Unscheduled withdrawal of the ‘Shelob’ web server

The Shelob web server was withdrawn from service at NTU last week, leading to the loss of access to several important web files still being used by LLR on the server. This meant that the links in eSearch to BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) and FORS (Forensic Science Service) temporarily stopped working. This links have now been reinstated. It has also meant that the NTU ‘banner’ in the eBrary eBook interface no longer displayed correctly. This banner will be reinstated by eBrary shortly.

BCIS (Building Cost Information Service): pop-up blocker problem resolution

Colleagues in IS have been working with us to resolve the pop-up blocker problem which was preventing access to the BCIS database from on-campus workstations under the new Windows XP student image. This solution has been tested on a number of library workstations and appears to be working effectively. The resource prompts for BCIS have been updated accordingly:

04 December 2006: Access to BCIS should now be available again from all on-campus workstations. Please ensure that your browser’s pop-up blocker is switched off when attempting access. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the User Support Team.
Please let me have the details of any instances where the problem appears to be persisting. (In the first instance, please restart the workstation involved – to ensure that it has picked up the new config settings).

LLR has previously had a subscription which only allowed two customers to access BCIS at any one time. A revised agreement which will increase our simultaneous user level to 99 is in process – I will advise when this has been completed. Additionally, negotiations are currently continuing with BCIS to enable off-campus access to the service.