Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project: Wiley records in Library OneSearch

Further to the previous Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project update (4 May 2016), 17,879 Wiley UCBM records have now been suspended from discovery in Library OneSearch (following the conclusion of the Wiley discovery phase at the end of May).

These Wiley titles will be reviewed during the selection phase (during which the library decides which titles will be bought outright in perpetuity, and which will be withdrawn from the collection) alongside the EBA collections from Bloomsbury, Oxford Scholarship Online, Sage and Cambridge University Press.

Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project enters selection phase

The library’s current Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) eBook project, which involved making tens of thousands of new eBook titles available for customer discovery in Library OneSearch, has entered its selection phase (during which the library decides which titles will be bought outright in perpetuity, and which will be withdrawn from the collection). This selection process has begun, following the conclusion of the discovery phase of the project at the end of April.

While final selections are agreed, the following sets of eBook titles have been suspended from discovery in Library OneSearch:

  • Bloomsbury (2,013 titles)
  • Cambridge University Press (30,391 titles)
  • Sage (4,306 titles)
  • Oxford Scholarship Online (11,812 titles)

EBA eBook titles which have been added to resource lists during the discovery phase should still continue to be accessible through the links provided in the RLMS.

Once title selections have been confirmed for each provider, the purchased titles will updated and made discoverable once again in Library OneSearch.

The Wiley EBA package (consisting of 17,879 titles) will continue to be active until the end of May.

New resource: Wiley Online Library (Social Sciences and Humanities Collection)

Access to the new Wiley Online Library (Social Sciences and Humanities Collection) has been enabled in SFX. Access to almost 600 full-text titles in the collection is available direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. All of these titles will be discoverable through Library OneSearch searches and in the SFX A-Z list shortly.

Wiley Online Library (Social Sciences & Humanities Collection)

RefWorks – direct export issue resolved (Science Direct and Wiley Online Library)

The RefWorks technical team have resolved an issue which was causing the direct-to-RefWorks export facility in both Science Direct and Wiley Online Library to fail.

Direct export to RefWorks from both of those platforms is now confirmed as working normally once again.

Wiley Online Library

Off-campus access to the Wiley Online Library service (previously Wiley InterScience) is now available by university username and password. Access details have been updated in eSearch and SFX. A new and improved remote and metasearch configuration for Wiley Online Library has been enabled in eSearch.

Wiley InterScience to Wiley Online Library

Wiley journals are now made available through the integrated Wiley Online Library platform. All links from SFX to Wiley journals have been redirected to this new location to ensure continuity of access. Wiley are in the process of enabling Shibboleth based authentication for NTU for off-campus access to Wiley titles. As well as being able to customise the interface display (by the inclusion of an NTU logo, which links back to the NTU web site), Wiley now makes full-text entitlement much more transparent to the visitor. On the Wiley InterScience platform, entitlement was only confirmed at the point of an individual full-text request, and there was no view within the platform which made clear which issues of a particular journal were available as part of the subscription range. The Wiley Online Library now incorporates a padlock graphic display to indicate which issues are ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ in full-text – see illustration below: