Wiley InterScience to Wiley Online Library

Wiley journals are now made available through the integrated Wiley Online Library platform. All links from SFX to Wiley journals have been redirected to this new location to ensure continuity of access. Wiley are in the process of enabling Shibboleth based authentication for NTU for off-campus access to Wiley titles. As well as being able to customise the interface display (by the inclusion of an NTU logo, which links back to the NTU web site), Wiley now makes full-text entitlement much more transparent to the visitor. On the Wiley InterScience platform, entitlement was only confirmed at the point of an individual full-text request, and there was no view within the platform which made clear which issues of a particular journal were available as part of the subscription range. The Wiley Online Library now incorporates a padlock graphic display to indicate which issues are ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ in full-text – see illustration below: