Withdrawn resource: INSPEC

Access to the INSPEC database (provided through the Engineering Village platform) has been withdrawn from the Find Databases and main search indexes of Library OneSearch following the conclusion of the library’s subscription to the resource. Access to the Compendex service continues to be available through the Engineering Village site.

Engineering Index Backfile – now included in Compendex

Records from the Engineering Index Backfile (covering the period 1884-1969) are now searchable in the Compendex directory of Ei Engineering Village, following an extension in LLR’s subscription to the resource.

The description of Compendex in Library OneSearch has been extended as follows:

Historic content from the Engineering Index Backfile (1884-1969) is now included in the Ei Compendex index

Engineering Village – Shibboleth access restored

Off-campus access to the Compendex and Inspec databases (on the Engineering Village platform) which was reported as unavailable on 5 Septermber is now available once again. On-campus access is direct and off-campus access is by university username and password (using the Shibboleth framework).

Engineering Village – Shibboleth access unavailable

Off-campus access to the Compendex and Inspec databases (on the Engineering Village platform) is currently unavailable. eServices is working with Elsevier’s technical team to resolve the configuration problem which is currently causing Shibboleth logins to be rejected: customers will currently see a Shibboleth error screen when logging in from off-campus. A further update will follow once off-campus access has been restored.

Engineering Village – SFX (‘Find it @ NTU’) links

On the Engineering Village platform (through which LLR provides access to the Inspec and Compendex services) a configuration problem had been leading to the display of two SFX (‘Find it @ NTU’) buttons in the Full Record and Abstract view of search results. This problem has now been resolved, and only the single, correctly-configured, SFX button displays (see illustration below).

SFX 'Find it @ NTU' button on the Engineering Village platform