JISC eBook Observatory Project – ‘in perpetuity’ eBook titles

Work to update the catalogue records for 36 eBook titles involved in the now-concluded JISC eBook Observatory Project has been completed. The 20 titles for which ‘in perpetuity’ access has been granted are the following (the first value is the ALEPH system number for the record):

Engineering materials 1

Engineering materials 2

The dynamics of employee relations

Measurement and instrumentation principles

Power without responsibility

The public relations handbook

Media, gender and identity

Media institutions and audiences

Writing for journalists

Cinema studies

Marketing strategy and competitive positioning

Integrated marketing communications

Organisational behaviour and analysis


Structural and stress analysis

English for journalists

Coulson and Richardson’s chemical engineering

Fundamentals of wireless communication

Aerodynamics for engineering students

Coulson & Richardson’s chemical engineering

All these titles are on the MyiLibrary platform and access is by university username and password (using the Shibboleth framework). A note in the MARC record for each of these titles indicates: “This eBook is a legacy item from the JISC eBook Observatory project collection, access to which has been granted in perpetuity.”

Withdrawn resource: JISC eBook Observatory Project: 16 records removed; 20 retained

LLR will retain access to 20 of the 36 eBook titles from the now-concluded JISC eBook Observatory Project; while access to the remaining 16 titles will be withdrawn.

Details are as follows: Of the 36 eBook titles included in the JISC eBook Observatory Project, 26 titles were hosted on the MyiLibrary platform and 10 on the Books@Ovid platform. With the Project now concluded, records for the 10 titles on the Ovid platform have been removed from the Library Catalogue. Access to 20 of the MyiLibrary titles from the Project is being retained in perpetuity, and updated Shibboleth login links are being added to the catalogue records for those titles; while the records for the six withdrawn MyiLibrary project titles have been deleted.

JISC e-Book Observatory Project – remaining titles added to the Library Catalogue

Records for the 10 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins titles included in the JISC e-Book Observatory Project, provided through the Books@Ovid platform, have now been added to the library catalogue. Access to these titles is by Athens username and password.

New resources: JISC e-Book Observatory Project

Access to an initial set of 26 eBooks made available through the JISC e-Book Observatory Project has now been enabled in the Library Catalogue. Access to these titles, which are provided through the MyiLibrary platform, is by Athens username and password.

To review and access the 26 MyiLibrary titles, click here.

A further 10 titles, made available through the OVID platform, will be activated shortly.