Shibboleth – Digimap – re-registration required

From 31 July, access to the Digimap service will be by University username and password (Shibboleth) only and no longer available via Athens username and password. All existing Digimap registrations will lapse on 31 July, and customers of the service will be required to re-register. (This is a requirement that EDINA has introduced for all its Digimap customer sites).

During the re-registration process, there is an opportunity to associate the new registration with a previously active one. New registrations will, of course, also be accepted.

Links in eSearch to the Digimap service now point to the Shibboleth login screen, so (re)-registrations can be actioned now, ahead of the 31 July switchover. A guide to the revised registration process is available in the LLR Shibboleth wiki. The existing guide to Digimap registration on the main LLR web site will need to be slightly revised to take into account changes in the registration process.