Service issue icon in eSearch

When a service issue is affecting access to a resource in eSearch, details of the problem are added to the information held in the Information icon pop-up. However, this service information is not immediately visible in the initial Database List display, and we are aware that customers sometimes miss important service information because of this. In an attempt to improve the visibility of this important information, eServices is testing the display of a ‘service issue’ icon in the eSearch display (see illustration below). These icons will be added to databases in eSearch when a known service issue occurs, and removed when the issue is resolved.

Service issue icon in eSearch - with ALT text displaying

When a customer floats their cursor over the icon the following text displays: “There is an issue affecting this resource, check the Information icon for more details” (see illustration below). If the test proves successful, the icon and text will be added to the eSearch ‘Key to resource icons’. Please share any feedback you have on the usefulness (or otherwise) of this eSearch feature.

Service issue icon in eSearch