EBSCOhost – linking issues affecting SFX

EBSCO have just launched some unannounced changes to the way that EBSCOhost processes link requests from SFX (and other OpenURL resolvers) which are resulting in error messages and failed connections for some full-text requests on the EBSCOhost platform.

Ex Libris are in active discussions with EBSCO and, once the changes have been documented and understood, Ex Libris will design, package and release fixes for the EBSCOhost linking logic for SFX. The library will then need to deploy the updated parsers to SFX to resolve the problem.

A further update will follow once as this process is completed, but, until the fixes are in place, a larger proportion of EBSCOhost link requests from SFX than normal will result in errors. For the majority of full-text content on the EBSCOhost platform it is possible to copy and share an authentication-aware ‘permalink’ which will provide a persistent deep-link to full-text outcomes.