New resource: Portico – triggered ejournal titles now available

Libraries and Learning Resources is a member of the Portico eBook and ejournal preservation service. Publishers who are members of the service, register their content with Portico and, in the event that the publisher is no longer able to provide electronic access to any part of that content in the future, Portico steps in to provide in-perpetuity electronic access. Electronic access to ‘triggered’ titles is available to all member institutions, irrespective of any previous subscription arrangement with the publisher concerned.

Trigger events include the following:

  • Cessation of a publisher’s operations
  • Discontinuation of a title by a publisher
  • Back issues no longer offered by a publisher
  • Catastrophic and sustained failure of a publisher’s delivery platform

Access to the first twenty such ‘triggered’ ejournal titles has now been enabled in SFX. Access is direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. Off-campus access is only available through library mediated links. A list of the titles now accessible on the Portico platform can be reviewed in the SFX ejournal A-Z.