Science Direct Off-Campus Access

We are continuing to work on resolving the Science Direct off-campus eSearch access problem. In the meantime we have deployed a temporary work around.

  • Access Science Direct via eSearch as normal and select the link
  • The link will take you to the Science Direct home page
  • From there select Athens/Institution Login

Science Direct 1

  • Next select UK Access Management Federation from the drop down box

Science Direct

  • A list of institutes will be diosplayed below, Select Nottingham Trent University
  • Sign in using your University Username and Password

Science Direct Off-Campus Shibboleth Identity Provider Failure

Off-campus Shibboleth access to Science Direct via eSearch is currently unavailable.
When trying to access Science Direct via eSearch off-campus, you receive the following message:


This problem has been logged with our ITS Service Desk and we hope to have restore off-campus access online soon.
On-campus access in not effective.

Delegated Centres Access to Emerald Restored

Emerald have now confirmed, that the access problems we have been experiencing form the Delegated Centres page has been resolved.
Access from our Delegated Centres page for Internet Explorer users has been tested and works fine, Firefox is still gives a security prompt. However, it is ok to accept this and click continue and log on as normal.

Firefox Emerald Athens

Delegated Centres Access to Emerald

It’s been reported that we have still having access issues to Emerald via the Delegated Centres home page, even after our temporary fix had been put into place last week.

We regret that you can only log in to Emerald via Athens, by copying and pasting the following URL into an Internet Explorer address box (, or by clicking the Athens/Institution login link on the Emerald website.

Please feel free to use the above URL to access Emerald.

Further updates will follow, Emerald hope to have this problem corrected in the next 7 to 10 days.

Delegated Centres Access to Emerald

Currently there is a problem with access to Emerald via the libraries Delegated Centres web page. This has been reported to Emerald, and they have confirmed that the problem lies at their end.
Their IT department are working on this, and expect to implement a fix early next week.
As a temporary work around they have issued us with a direct Athens login link:

I’ve requested that the current link from the Delegated Centres page be updated with the link above as a matter of urgency.
In the meantime either, click on the link or copy and paste it into your address bar, then enter your Athens Username and Password.

Please note: This direct URL worked fine in Internet Explorer, but you receive a security warning in Firefox. Therefore, it’s advisable to use Internet Explorer until this problem is resolved.

We will continue to work with Emerald for a speedy resolution to this problem