Withdrawn resources: Standalone CD-ROMs

Following an ALT review of the Brackenhurst and Clifton legacy standalone CD-ROMs, the following titles have been removed from the workstations and all listings for these resources have been withdrawn from LLR’s resource discovery environment:

  • Animal Handling and Restraint (Brackenhurst)
  • Canis (Brackenhurst) [web version to be trialed]
  • Cinemascope (Clifton)
  • Das KLG auf CD-ROM (Clifton)
  • Enciclopedia de cine Espanol (Clifton)
  • English Civil War (Clifton)
  • Equus (Brackenhurst) [web version to be trialed]
  • Freshney’s Culture of Animal Cells (Brackenhurst)
  • Horse’s Foot (Brackenhurst)
  • Microsoft Dogs (Brackenhurst)
  • Poisonous Fungi in Britain and Ireland (Brackenhurst)
  • Poisonous Plants in Britain and Ireland (Brackenhurst)
  • Rat: a functional anatomy, The (Brackenhurst)
  • Reptiles and Amphibians CD Atlas (Brackenhurst)
  • Safefood Process Design and Library, The (Brackenhurst)
  • Upper Airway Examination of the Horse (Brackenhurst)
  • Wheat Management for Autumn (Brackenhurst)
  • World Atlas, The (Brackenhurst)

Following on from the withdrawal of similar format titles at Boots, there are now no standalone CD-ROMs on dedicated workstations at any of the three campus libraries. It is planned to make Equus and Canis available via a new web service from selected terminals at Brackenhurst Library, subject to a successful temporary trial – more details in due course.